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The Gunner Guard is a humanoid mutant first appearing in Blaster Master.

Physical Appearance[]

The Gunner Guard appears relatively humanoid, having a similar stature to Jason, wearing gray armor and a domed helmet.

In Blaster Master Zero, their armor color is changed to blue, and their helmets appear as glass domes that reveal a robotic brain. The pink Gunner Guards instead have a sensor eye and the glass dome will turn pink when it spots Jason.

In-Game Appearances[]

Blaster Master and Blaster Master: Enemy Below[]

In Blaster Master, the Gunner Guards appear in Area 4 and Area 7's dungeon sections, where they will walk in Jason's direction, however are limited to only moving horizontally or vertically. They shoot three bullets, one at a time, pausing their movement with each shot; after shooting thee times they will stop briefly. They hold their guns centered on their chests, contrasting with Jason, whose gun is slightly to the right of his chest; this difference can allow the player to shoot without being in the line of fire.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Gunner Guards return with a more detailed appearance. They appear in Area 4, Area 5, and Area 7, as well as in Area 8. The blue Gunner Guards follow the same pattern like in Blaster Master, but now there is a new variant with red-pink armor that patrols the dungeons of Area 7 with a searchlight emitting from its head, and it is much more dangerous. If Jason is spotted by one with its searchlight, it will chase after him, and fire bullets that are aimed directly at Jason; every other one of these guards will also be alerted of Jason's position, causing them to also pursue and shoot directly at him. They have much more durability than their blue versions, so it is ill-advised to fight them in most situaitons.

In Area 5, a group of 20 Gunner Guards appear in the enemy rush room, Ambush Room. Defeating them will grant you the Shield Mine.