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Gurnahide is a mid-boss in Blaster Master Zero, appearing in Area 5.

Physical Appearance[]

Gurnahide resembles a gurnard, also known as a Triglidae. It has an orange armored face with three green eyes, a slender yellow body with four cyan tails, six spiny legs, and a pair of green pectoral fins covered in blue spots.

General Information[]

Gurnahide appears as the second mid-boss in the Man-made Sea Area. Defeating it grants the Turret Sub-weapon, which allows Jason to drop a turret that fires a spread of shots in random directions and also serves as a decoy.


Gurnahide starts at the right side of the arena and moves to the left throughout the battle. It can consecutively fire three blue projectiles from its center eye or can fire a spray of seven pink projectiles. When Gurnahide reaches half health, it will spread its pectoral fins. With the fins open, Gurnahide can fire yellow energy balls from its fins, first aimed at the player, then firing in random directions. These attacks act independently from the attacks from its eyes, meaning it can perform multiple attacks simultaneously.


Its head has super thick armor, so there isn't much point in attacking it from the front. It'd be great if it had parts that weren't so armored, or if you had something that could pierce through that armor, but... If your gun level isn't high enough, do what you can to try and find a way to power it up!
— Eve

When Gurnahide’s eyes flash blue, it is about to shoot the blue projectiles; these are physical projectiles, and thus can be destroyed, and may occasionally drop Capsules. When Gurnahide’s eyes flash pink, it is about to shoot the pink projectiles; it fires seven projectiles with 20° between each, with the middle projectile aimed at the player. To deal with Gurnahide’s constant approach, almost any attack will send it to the right a bit, meaning enough attacks in quick succession can easily counteract its approach. Gurnahide’s farthest position to the right is its starting position, and it never makes it to the very left end of the arena, even if left alone; there will always be a small area for the player to stand (though this area will shrink considerably once Gurnahide's fins have been destroyed). In some situations, it is better to let Gurnahide be at its leftmost position instead of always forcing it back; one such situation is when it reaches half health and opens up its pectoral fins, as it is usually easier to avoid its attack by moving forward while rapidly firing at Gurnahide. Destroying the fins should be a priority when they unfold, as they can make the battle much more difficult; however, if Gurnahide is at low enough health, damaging it should be of higher priority.

Using Reflect, Jason is able to nullify all of Gurnahide’s attacks, but needs to be careful not to get too close to Gurnahide. It is preferable to stay at the left edge of the arena, as Jason cannot actively push back Gurnahide, and Gurnahide cannot reach the left edge of the arena. Jason can simply leave the shield up and wait for Gurnahide to be defeated, as all of its attack options are nullified and sent back at it.

Gurnahide has an armored head which takes 1/10 damage, prevents Striker from chaining straight to its body on direct hits, and is completely impervious to the damaging portions of Auto and Flame (though the two Gun attacks will still push it back). Its unarmored body can be attacked by using penetrating weapons, such as Penetrator, Reflect, and Wave, or non-penetrating weapons which are capable of landing hits off a diagonal, such as Auto (sustained fire only) or Grenade Bombs; the latter weapons require Jason to be positioned along a wall and as far as to the right as feasible (about 2 blocks to the right of the tip of Gurnahide's nose) in order to bypass the armored head. Ignition Bombs can also damage Gurnahide's body by placing one down and having Gurnahide walk over it.

Using Striker, Jason can fire it rapidly when at close range; these will only hit Gurnahide’s face. When Gurnahide shoots its blue projectiles, Striker can hit them and activate its lightning chain, which attacks the face and the unprotected backside. When Gurnahide reaches half health and spreads its fins, the lightning chain will always activate, effectively circumventing Gurnahide’s defense until the fins are destroyed.

Gurnahide is weak to Wave, causing it to be stunned for 1.5 seconds (then become immune to stun effects for 10 seconds) and taking more damage than usual. Using Wave’s extra damage and stun can make quick work of Gurnahide, defeating it in less than 5 seconds.

Destroyer Mode[]

Gurnahide appears to be immune to all Gun types except Blaster, Penetrator, and Reflect; Blaster can only attack the head due to its short range, Penetrator can only attack the body due to the head being immune, and Reflect can only attack the head due to the body being immune. Gurnahide’s fins are immune to all Gun types except Blaster and Reflect.

Despite showing signs of being immune to them, Gurnahide's head can still be damaged by Long Range, Penetrator, Striker, and Wave, although it is unclear why.

If Jason has Penetrator, he should keep a fair distance away while attacking Gurnahide. Because of the lower firing rate of Penetrator, Gurnahide will be progressing to the left. It is beneficial to destroy Gurnahide’s blue projectiles once they’ve traveled a bit instead of as soon as they’re released, as they have the opportunity to drop Capsules, allowing for Gun upgrades if applicable; alternatively, after releasing its blue projectiles, Jason can switch to Blaster (or other guns with high firing rates, but these do no damage) and pelt Gurnahide with projectiles to send it back, uncovering any potential Capsules dropped. Ignition Bombs should also be used to deal moderate damage to Gurnahide before it reaches half health. Once Gurnahide reaches half health, if Jason has Reflect, he should utilize it as a safe method to take out the pectoral fins. Otherwise, a combination of Grenades and Flash Bombs should be used when damaging the fins. Once Gurnahide’s fins are gone, all that matters is dealing damage and avoiding its pink projectiles.

If Jason does not have Penetrator, he will have to slowly whittle away with Blaster. As stated before, it is important to destroy the blue projectiles in case they drop Gun Capsules, which can allow Jason to obtain Penetrator. Ignition Bombs allow for greater damage during the first half of the fight, while Grenades are used to damage the fins and Flash Bombs to delay the fins’ projectile attacks.


The following list shows how many shots it takes from each Gun and Sub-weapon type to defeat Gurnahide when shots are assumed to only hit its body (in practice, penetrating attacks will usually deal 11/10 damage due to also hitting its armored head). Stun means Gurnahide will be unable to act for a brief period of time; weapons can only stun every so often in order to prevent the boss from being stun-locked. Weak means Gurnahide will take twice as much damage from the Gun than usual; in-game, they flash red, and are also stunned, when this occurs.

Gurnahide takes only standard damage from Jason's Sub-weapons, which normally deal double damage to bosses.

  • Blaster: 120^
  • Long Range: 60
  • Penetrator: 60
  • Diffusion: 60 (max range); 20^ (point-blank)
  • Auto*: 300
  • Reflect: 60 (normal); 24 (perfect)
  • Striker: 30
  • Flame*: 150 (direct only); 120 ticks (burning only)
  • Wave: 60 (weak) (single shots); 20 (weak) (triple shots)
  • Grenade Bomb: 20
  • Ignition Bomb: 15
  • Turret: 60 (bullets); 15 (explosion)
  • Remote Blast: 24 rockets (2 call-ins)

^Theoretical value only as this Gun attack cannot safely land body hits

*Gurnahide's armored head is immune to damage from this Gun attack