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Hexa Biby is one of the first side-scrolling mode bosses in Blaster Master Zero 2, nesting inside Planetoid A-1. Upon its defeat, Gaia-SOPHIA will gain the Hexa Missiles.


Hexa Biby looks like a matured form of the Biby enemy. It has a hexagon-shaped abdomen and two large wings to support its body.

Octa Biby differs from it's green color instead of yellow, and has an octagon-shaped abdomen.


The enemy is flying around... It's too dangerous to attack straight on. Use the DIRECTION LOCK button to fire at an angle! A weapon that fires in a wide angle would be very useful here.
— Eve (during Hexa Biby and 1st Octa Biby fights)

Hexa Biby will fly around the arena, dropping insect eggs that will hatch into bouncing larvae, after doing so a few times, it will fly to the center to spawn six bug mutants.

Hexa Biby's mutant spawn will drop energy and health pickups when defeated, so if you run low on health, be sure to kill them in order to survive the battle. Four ledges also frame the arena in a loose V formation, allowing for Gaia System recharging through hard falls from the upper levels. Hexa Biby's hitbox only surrounds its upper torso and head, your attacks will only pass through the abdomen if you shoot there.

Hexa Biby is succeeded by Octa Biby, which is fought in Planetoid D-1 and Area Ω. Its attack patterns are identical save for spawning two larvae from it's eggs in a faster rate, and spawning eight bug mutants when moving to the center of the screen instead of six.