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This powers up SOPHIA's main weapon. You can now defeat some enemies that you previously couldn't.
— Hyper Shot • Blaster Master Zero
BMZ HyperBeam

Ekoro blasts a previously invulnerable mutant with the Hyper Shot.

Hyper Shot is an upgrade to SOPHIA III's main cannon, increasing the damage output, and obtained after defeating Mother Brain in Area 1 of Blaster Master and Blaster Master Zero. This upgrade is required before Sophia III or EX characters can defeat armored enemies such as the mutant blocking the way to Area 2. As a permanent upgrade to the main cannon, it is typically superseded by the Crusher Shot chip obtained in Area 2.

In Blaster Master Zero, collecting this chip upgrades the default Shots to larger Hyper Shots which pierce armor and deal 200% Shot damage; having Hyper Shot installed also applies similar armor-piercing and damage-increasing effects to SOPHIA III's other weapons.