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This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.


I-HIX mounted on Eve's corrupted right arm.

The I-HIX is an item from Blaster Master Zero 2. It acts as Eve's "weapon" during her trips through Area Ω.


The I-HIX looks like a white bionic casing on Eve's right arm that ends in a cat's paw with green "pads". The I-HIX is hooked up to a series of cables when Eve is connected to Gaia-SOPHIA or Andreia.

Abilities and Uses[]

The I-HIX initially serves no gameplay function until playing as Eve in Area Ω. There, it becomes charged with "purification energy", capable of projecting a giant cat's paw that can push blocks and damage mutants. Due to the inherent risks of entering a point-blank range for even a single hit, the I-HIX is more often used as a defensive measure and puzzle-solving tool than a weapon. The I-HIX is capable of purifying and pushing metal blocks and barrier-generating mutants throughout the area to open paths. It can also be used similarly to the Absorber by converting enemy bullets into CP. Later on, it can purify fountains to cleanse the pools they feed, making them safe to traverse and allowing Andreia's Aqua System to restore SP.

An additional function of the I-HIX is the Unchained DDF. This ability is effectively Eve's Blast Counter as it consumes CP, but unlike other Blast Counters, it can be activated while in side view as well. Upon activation, the screen is temporarily covered by a filter featuring a cat face like the ones on Eve's stockings and paw prints fading in and out of the screen for 10 seconds. While the DDF is active, all mutants on-screen become slow, and any dimensional distortion hazards will be removed temporarily. Countering an enemy using the DDF will stun them outright. Recasting Unchained DDF will reset the timer, but it can never go beyond 10 seconds. The effect ends prematurely if Eve dies or enters Andreia.


  • The Unchained DDF is a reference to Ekoro's Doki Doki Field (DDF).