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A sub-weapon that sets a bomb that can be triggered by pressing the Sub-weapon button again.
— Ignition Bomb • Blaster Master Zero

The Ignition Bomb is a sub-weapon for Jason in the Blaster Master Zero trilogy. It drops a bomb in place that can be manually detonated by pressing the Sub-weapon Button a second time.


Blaster Master Zero[]

The Ignition Bomb is acquired after defeating the Drap Trappers in Area 1 (Biby Legion in Area 2 in Destroyer Mode). Jason can carry up to 10 bombs of this type at a time.

Pressing the Sub-weapon Button places down an Ignition Bomb with a similar appearance to the bombs laid by the Drap Trappers. Pressing it again detonates the Ignition Bomb dealing 40 damage (8x Blaster damage), doubled against most bosses; neither placing nor detonating bombs is affected by fire rate mechanics, allowing the sub-weapon's ammo reserve to be rapidly depleted for massive damage. If an Ignition Bomb is placed and the player presses the Sub-weapon Button while a different Sub-weapon is active, the active Sub-weapon will be used instead of detonating the Ignition Bomb.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Land mine that automatically explodes when enemies draw near. Place with the SUB-WEAPON button. Press and hold the SUB-WEAPON button to detonate all mines.
— Proximity Mine (Sub-Screen) • Blaster Master Zero 2

Upon defeating the Mine Mite on Planet Flosante, Jason will receive the Proximity Mine (abbreviated as Mine; also called Search Bomb, abbreviated as Search), which allows more fire-and-forget functionality than the previous game's Ignition Bomb. Tapping the Sub-weapon Button lays a mine (up to four permitted on screen) that automatically detonates when an enemy steps into its blast radius, or manually when the button is pressed and held with any sub-weapon (including non-mine sub-weapons). Jason can carry up to 8 mines at once.

Land mine that explodes in a burst of flame. Works as a decoy. Place with the SUB-WEAPON button. Press and hold the SUB-WEAPON button to detonate all mines.
— Torch Bomb (Sub-Screen) • Blaster Master Zero 2

Upon defeating Mighty Mine Mite on Planetoid C-3, Jason will receive the fire elemental version, the Torch Bomb (abbreviated as T-Bomb), which takes on the decoy functionality of Blaster Master Zero's Turret. Now upon detonation, it envelops the area in fire that damages enemies on contact and continues to burn them even after the flames dissipate. Only one Torch Bomb mine or fire field may be active at a time --- the fire field from the previous bomb must dissipate before a new Torch Bomb can be placed.

Both the placed Torch Bomb and its fire field will imbue Splasher and G-Blaster shots with the fire element, allowing them to ignite enemies and melt the icy floors within Planet Divido's dungeons; additionally, having this elemental sub-weapon equipped causes EX Charge's charged shot to explode, dealing area-of-effect damage and setting enemies on fire.

Setting the pace for subsequent elemental sub-weapons, Torch Bomb is available alongside Proximity Mine with half the maximum ammo. They are individually selectable on the quick-switch menu, but occupy the same space on the Pilot sub-screen and must be double-toggled to view alternate weapon descriptions. Jason can have both Proximity Mines and Torch Bombs active simultaneously; however, manual detonation will blow up all mines at once, regardless of type.

Related Quotes[]

IGNITION BOMB: You can set this bomb anywhere you like. Once it's set, press the button again to detonate it. It'll work best if you kinda use it like a booby trap!
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero
The "SEARCH BOMB" is a sub-weapon that stays wherever you place it. If an enemy approches it, it will explode automatically. It's probably best if you use it as a trap. You can also detonate bombs manually by holding the SUB-WEAPON button.
— Eve (Proximity Mine) • Blaster Master Zero 2
The "TORCH BOMB" is a fire-element sub-weapon. As a bomb-type weapon, it is placed on the ground, and any enemies caught in the explosion will be burned and take extra burn damage. It can be used both as a trap and a decoy. The TORCH BOMB pairs up well with your Gun Level 3, SPLASHER.
— Eve • Blaster Master Zero 2