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Launches a plug into the ground or walls which sends electricity across the surface while deploying a shield that blocks enemy shots. Powers up when activated simultaneously with the Gaia System.
— IGNITION SPARK (Sub-Screen) • Blaster Master Zero 3

Ignition Spark is a tank sub-weapon in Blaster Master Zero 3, located in the Mass Driver Facility.


When deployed, the Ignition Spark drops a generator that emits an projectile-blocking electric barrier, as well as a two sparks that crawl along walls and ceilings. These sparks can activate generators that normally require switches to use. Additionally, the size of the electric barrier can be increased through activating the sub-weapon at the same time as the Gaia System, the size being proportional to the height of the fall. Using the Aqua Shift on the barrier electrifies the dash, allowing the maneuver to inflict damage.