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Surrounds G-SOPHIA with a wall of ultrasonic waves. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to activate.
— Impact Wave (Sub-Screen)

The Impact Wave (abbreviated as Impact) is a sub-weapon featured in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is acquired on Planetoid B-4.


Upon activation, a giant terrain-piercing sound wave will envelop Gaia-SOPHIA's proximity, inflicting 12/5 G-Crusher Shot damage to enemies and nullifying most projectile attacks for ~0.6 seconds while still permitting full utilization of other armaments for the duration. In addition, Repulsion Upper's repulsion jacks will trigger immediately on contact with this sound wave, preventing them from potentially throwing G-SOPHIA upward into hazardous terrain (e.g. Planet Divido's dimensional distortions).

While effective when surrounded or facing enemies too small for main cannon attacks, the sub-weapon's 30% SP cost can easily cause shutdowns without careful SP management. Nevertheless, Impact Wave remains a powerful tool for making boss fights more manageable, even if it cannot cancel out some of the more devastating projectile attacks (such as the majority of Cerbeboss's moves).

Impact Wave is one of four counters against normal Garuda and will set its homing beam attack's Enhance Flag during the Planetoid G-1 refight (setting Enhance Flags for all four attacks is required to trigger full-power Garuda and acquire the "G vs G" and "NORA MA-07" achievements in Blaster Master Zero 2's Steam version).


Related Quotes[]

Eve: "IMPACT WAVE" will surround G-SOPHIA in a wall of ultrasonic waves. It's best used when surrounded or to attack enemies too low for the cannon to reach. It can penetrate terrain, but it won't destroy obstacles and it uses quite a bit of SP.

Jason: ...Come to think of it, haven't we seen someone before who used an attack like this...? I could have sworn...
Eve: ...?
Jason: Yeah, he would blow a horn and unleash a wave of damage... Oh, but his main weapon was... something else... Like a kind of tool you'd see a construction worker carry...

Eve: Is...that so...?
— Impact Wave (Talk with Eve)