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This is SOPHIA III after being taken over by the Mutant Core, which has complete control over all of SOPHIA's systems. It trapped Eve in the cockpit and transformed into a weapon that threatened Earth. Jason needed the power of SOPHIA Zero to take on the corrupted tank.
— Invem Sophia • Blaster Master Zero design document

"Invem MA-XX" Invem SOPHIA (initially revealed as "NORA MA-01" ey^@]SOPHIA) is a boss in Blaster Master Zero, appearing as the mutant boss of Area 9 and final boss of the game.

Physical Appearance[]

Invem SOPHIA appears almost exactly as SOPHIA III. Its main differences are that its windshield is now red instead of green, and the Mutant Core is on top of it, causing its previously smooth surface to appear veiny.

General Information[]

Invem SOPHIA is the final boss of Blaster Master Zero, appearing as the mutant boss of the Alternate Dimension Area. The battle consists of two parts: a top-down battle and a side-scrolling battle.


Top-Down View[]

Invem SOPHIA attacks by aiming its cannon and shooting Crusher Shots, which deal 2 damage. After performing this a few times, it will begin using Cannon Shots, first aimed to the sides, then the middle, creating a means of escaping the area; these deal 4 damage per hit, being able to hit twice. As the player leaves the area, Invem SOPHIA pursues, shooting Crusher Shots. After reaching a certain point, Invem SOPHIA will begin using Cannon Shots once again, this time directly targeting the player instead of set locations. If the player is still in the dungeon after three of these Cannon Shots, Invem Sophia will fire a Homing Missile, which deals 6 damage. The cycle then continues with firing three Cannon Shots and a Homing Missile until the player leaves.


Invem SOPHIA initially attacks by rolling forward and firing three Crusher Shots before hovering off the top of the screen. After being damaged below 80% HP (for the first time), a volley of two Laser Shots, one grounded and one in the air, are added after the initial Crusher Shot volley; after being damaged below 40% HP, a volley of two Crusher Shots and a 2-damage Maximum Shot are added after the two Laser Shots.

  • Invem SOPHIA will attempt to always be moving toward the player during this attack pattern, turning around and aiming as needed to make sure it can land its shots; however, it cannot turn around while it is actively firing a volley of shots, instead opting to stop movement for the duration if the player gets behind it.

Whenever Invem SOPHIA comes down after hovering away, it will cycle through four attacks in order, then choose randomly from these attacks for the remainder of the fight:

  • On the first descent, Invem SOPHIA will fire two sets of Warhead Missiles, one mid-descent and one on the ground.
  • On the second descent, Invem SOPHIA will roll toward the player, then dash forward with a 3-damage Spark Tackle until it hits the screen's edge. The boss will counter attempts to jump over this tackle by itself jumping mid-tackle to intercept SOPHIA Zero.
  • On the third descent, Invem SOPHIA will hover over the player and and unleash 2-damage Thunder Breaker strikes three times with a ~1-second interval between consecutive strikes.
  • On the fourth descent, Invem SOPHIA will fly across the stage and drop four Shield Mines which absorb non-piercing projectiles, but can be destroyed by area-of-effect attacks for capsule drops. The mines will last until the boss flies off-screen, at which time they will explode.

During any descent, Invem SOPHIA may sometimes shoot a Homing Missile before falling back into the arena. After reaching half health, Invem SOPHIA will move to one side and use Acceleration Blast, becoming unable to be damaged for the duration of the blast (projectiles will pass right through it without being absorbed), before returning to its other attack patterns.

  • Invem SOPHIA remains vulnerable to damage while charging the blast and during transitions to and from this attack; however, the boss cannot die while in its cannon form, regardless of its current health.

Invem SOPHIA is intelligent enough to interrupt its current attack in order to avoid getting caught in an Acceleration Blast. If it detects that an Acceleration Blast is being charged or discharged while it is not in the middle of its own Acceleration Blast attack (or is not otherwise immobilized), it will rapidly fire 5 Homing Missiles while it ascends offscreen and out of the blast's reach, only returning on-screen once the attack is cancelled or has concluded. This behavior is not present in EX Character Mode, allowing the player to use Acceleration Blast without much hindrance.


Top-Down View[]

The player is only able to wear down Invem SOPHIA to 80% HP (persisting into the tank-on-tank battle) during Jason's initial encounter outside of SOPHIA Zero (only a couple of attacks, including Remote Blast, can punch through its thick armor to deal any damage at all). Its Crusher Shots can be avoided if the player keeps on moving, and its Cannon Shots can be avoided by keeping a safe distance from their landing points.

Using Reflect, Jason is able to nullify any of Invem SOPHIA’s Crusher Shots. This is especially useful during the chase sequence, as the player can have Jason always face upward while keeping the shield up; Turrets can also be used to temporarily distract Invem SOPHIA, allowing Jason to more safely navigate to the exit.


Invem SOPHIA’s Crusher Shots, Laser Shots, and Maximum Shots can all be avoided by staying out of Invem SOPHIA’s line of fire, using Spark Tackle’s invincibility, or by using a Shield Mine and facing the boss. Its Warhead Missiles can be avoided similarly. Its Spark Tackle can be avoided by jumping over Invem SOPHIA before it performs the move, jumping prematurely so that Invem SOPHIA jumps over SOPHIA Zero, or using Spark Tackle's invincibility. Its Thunder Breaker can be avoided by moving under it when it's not firing, using the Hover Pack or Jump Booster to go over Invem SOPHIA, or using Spark Tackle’s invincibility. Its Shield Mines can be avoided by staying away from their set drop locations; they can also be destroyed by attacking their caps, and usually drop Capsules. Its Homing Missile can only be avoided by destroying it, either by shooting at it, using Spark Tackle Invincibility, or blocking it with Shield Mine.

Invem SOPHIA's Acceleration Blast at 50% health can be avoided by staying behind it during the entire move.

  • If SOPHIA Zero happens to be at full SP (or very close to having full SP) when Invem SOPHIA starts charging, there is an opportunity to charge an Acceleration Blast counterattack and remove a significant amount of health, varying by game mode. In the normal mode, this Acceleration Blast can get Invem SOPHIA down to its eject prompt, during which it'll no longer receive damage; in Unlimited Mode, the eject prompt is only present for a brief moment, allowing the player to do more damage. In EX Character Mode, there is no eject prompt, thus it will take full damage from the attack if timed properly, dealing damage of roughly 40% of its health (~18% health in Destroyer Mode). Such an attack should ideally be timed to start just as it becomes vulnerable, but will still deal considerable damage as long as the blast begins to discharge before the boss's ~0.75-second long transformation finishes and Invem SOPHIA regains its ability to fly out of reach.

The best Main Weapon for general use is the Laser Shot, as it instantly reaches the full range of the arena upon use, does not spend energy, and penetrates through the Shield Mine attack. The Shield Mine Sub-weapon should be active almost all the time in order to negate any dangers from most of Invem SOPHIA’s attacks, only needing to worry about Thunder Breaker, Spark Tackle, and Acceleration Blast.

When Invem SOPHIA is at (or below) 25% of its HP remaining after finishing an Acceleration Blast or the boss is reduced below 25% HP during any other attack, it will immediately shut down for 10 seconds and cannot be damaged for the duration. This will give Jason the opportunity to exit from SOPHIA Zero and free Eve from Invem SOPHIA. After rescuing Eve, return to SOPHIA Zero and finish off the now-immobile Invem SOPHIA before it reboots. An Acceleration Blast (if one has the SP for it) is enough to finish it off; an alternatively fast method is using Warhead Missiles at point-blank range, followed by Crusher Shots once SP is depleted.

  • If Invem SOPHIA is allowed to reboot with Eve still inside, the boss will regenerate 50% HP and must be worn down to 25% HP once more in order to force another shutdown. (Passing the 50% HP threshold after such a reboot will not trigger another Acceleration Blast.)
  • As Invem SOPHIA's scripted shut-down is a Jason-exclusive story event, the mechanic is removed entirely when fighting this boss in EX Character Mode.
  • In Unlimited Mode, Invem SOPHIA's scripted shut down will still occur; however, as story events are disabled in this mode, the boss will proceed to reboot as if Eve was already freed.

Invem SOPHIA's scripted shut-down can be utilized in Normal Mode to skip the boss's Acceleration Blast, which could otherwise drag out the fight due to its death immunity frames, by reducing boss HP from >50% to 25% within a single attack cycle, quickly extracting Eve, and destroying it before it reboots.

Destroyer Mode[]

Invem SOPHIA's fight in Destroyer mode acts generally like it does in Normal Mode, but differs in the following ways:

  • Invem SOPHIA always has access to Laser Shot and Maximum Shot and has a maximized chance of firing a Homing Missile while descending from off-screen.
  • Invem SOPHIA's health is doubled and the boss will fire Acceleration Blast twice instead of just once, first at the very beginning of the fight, and again at 50% HP. Upon reaching 25% HP, its shutdown duration is much shorter (~2.5 seconds long), making it more difficult for Jason to reach Eve in time and interrupt Invem SOPHIA's attempt to regenerate its health.
  • Invem SOPHIA travels more quickly with Spark Tackle, discharges its Thunder Breaker attack twice as fast, and its Shield Mines are now completely invulnerable, eliminating the sole source of capsules in the fight.

Boss Blaster Mode[]

Invem SOPHIA's fight in Boss Blaster Mode is similar to the Destroyer Mode fight, but with several key differences:

  • As SOPHIA Zero is not available in Boss Blaster Mode, Invem SOPHIA's maximum health is scaled down significantly so that it can be defeated in a reasonable time with SOPHIA III's arsenal.
  • Invem SOPHIA never shuts down.
  • Shield Mines are once again vulnerable and can be destroyed for capsules.
  • The top-down view segment of this fight is not present in Boss Blaster Mode. As a result, Invem SOPHIA always starts at 100% HP.



  • The scrambled enemy code for Invem Sophia is actually a cipher: by changing the characters to the corresponding keys on JIS keyboard, the result is インベム (Invem).