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Jao's Steam badge.

Jao is a small winged serpent-like creature that appears to be the support animal for NORA MA-07 "Garuda" as well as its crew, Leibniz and Lucia. His current status is unknown.


So far Jao has only appeared in supplemental material, first appearing in the booklet for the Blaster Master Zero 2 original soundtrack before making subsequent appearances as the level 5 Steam Badge for Blaster Master Zero 2 and later on the cover of the Blaster Master Zero 3 original soundtrack.


The cover of Wing of Madoola, featuring it's protagonist, Lucia.


  • Jao's appearance seems to be based on the crest on the circlet worn by the protagonist of Sunsoft's 1986 Nintendo Famicom release The Wing of Madoola.
    • The same protagonist is also the inspiration for Leibniz's support droid, Lucia.
  • Jao is the only support animal for a known MA crew to not make an appearance in any of the games; it is currently unknown if he suffered the same fate as Lucia, though it's supplemental appearances suggest he didn't.
  • Jao's design documents hint that he was planned to appear extensively in Blaster Master Zero 2 before getting cut. Apparently, he was to be "Fred's natural enemy" who would "gradually mutate" with each appearance; his initial appearance would show him as small, wingless and more playful, before he would later mutate into his present form.