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Jason Frudnick is the main character in most of the Blaster Master adventures. He's the husband of Eve, father of Roddy and Elfie, and destroyer of the Plutonium Boss after finding his pet frog, Fred.

Jason is most famous for piloting Sophia 3rd. His primary weapon is the Blaster Rifle, and he uses short-range supplementary Grenades. There's not much known about him, other than he grew up as a normal teenage boy and seems to possess a strong sense of bravery. After inheriting Sophia 3rd, he learned quickly how to operate, maintain, and even improve on the original alien technology.

Appearances & Synopses[]

Classic Series[]

Blaster Master[]


Jason is a normal teenager who owns a pet frog named Fred. One day, Fred escapes from his tank and jumps outside onto a chest filled with a radioactive substance, causing the frog to grow in size. Fred's weight causes the chest to sink into the ground, causing him to fall into a large hole. Jason follows his frog down the hole to the underworld, where he comes across the tank Sophia 3rd parked next to the entrance to the Forest. Realizing something is wrong with the environment, Jason equips the combat suit and pilots the tank.

Jason adventures through the underworld, fighting lurking monsters. Journeying even deeper underground, he eventually fights Underworld Lord and saves the world from a mutant invasion. Jason restores Fred in the ending.

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master[]

Events follow much the same course as they do above, except that Jason, now given the last name Frudnick, meets a woman named Eve when encountering Sophia 3rd and is hastily introduced to operating the tank's systems during their initial ride. They also meet up with Alex, one of Jason's high school friends, who is pursuing his own missing pet.

Blaster Master 2[]

Jason has elected to pursue a quieter life following his last underground adventure, but stores Sophia 3rd in a barn just in case. That case arises when the Lightning Beings scrap it as part of their plan to stop the Earth's rotation, prompting him to rebuild the remnants into Sophia 4th and retaliate.

Blaster Master Boy[]

In this title, it is possible that the "Jason" may not be canon to the main series, primarily due to the fact that this variation bears only a marginal resemblance to his original appearance. The nature of the game's development also not originally being intended for the Blaster Master series gives this more credence, though it is worth noting.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below[]

Ostensibly taking place between the two numbered Blaster Master titles, Jason is contacted to resume piloting a refitted Sophia 3rd after experiments on the original batch of mutants go awry.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

BMBA jasoneve codiekitty

An adult Jason pictured alongside Eve in Blasting Again’s instruction manual. The game marks both the first time the Japanese games recognized the American Blaster Master lore as canon, and her first visual depiction as a blonde.

A much older Jason eventually forms a family with Eve, fathers Roddy, and adopts Elfie, but never truly settles down, and is described as killed in action against the Lightning Beings.

Blaster Master Zero Series[]

Blaster Master Zero[]

Jason Frudnick is a well-known scientist who specializes in robotics. One day, while he is out exploring, he stumbles across a strange creature he's never seen before. Believing it to be a creature from before the ice age, Jason manages to capture it and names it Fred. He then proceeds to study it, hoping to learn about what life was like before the ice age.

However, Fred manages to escape from the terrarium, and disappears through a wormhole. Jason follows it, and ends up in a cave far underground. He finds no sign of Fred, but instead finds the tank known as SOPHIA III. The tank opens for him, and he decides to use it to track down Fred.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

A few months have passed since the events of Blaster Master Zero's true ending. Eve was successfully rescued from the Invem Sophia and the Mutant Core destroyed, saving Earth from the threat of invasion. However, some mutant cells still remained within Eve, causing rampant corruption and visible mutation of her body. Jason frantically searches the underground for a cure to the point where Sophia Zero and his Blaster Rifle nearly break down beyond repair, but to no avail. Seeing as no cure can be found on Earth, Jason believes that Planet Sophia, where Eve and the Sophia Metal Attackers originated, could have a means of saving her. They construct Gaia-SOPHIA, a Metal Attacker capable of theoretically unlimited space travel, and set off into the cosmos.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

After Jason and Eve defeated Drolrevo, they repaired and upgraded Gaia-SOPHIA into "Gaia-Sophia SV". When they land on planet Sophia, they are attacked by Sophia's Army, Sophia Force (SF). The fight rendered Gaia-SOPHIA SV inoperable. Jason and Eve are captured and separated from each other. One day, the base which holds Jason is under attack by mutants. Jason breaks free from the prison and retrieves his MA and Fred. When he reaches the gate of the base, he encounters Kane Gardener, the commander of the SF. After a brief fight against each other. Kane talks to Jason privately, tells him that Eve disappeared and let him escape. Therefore, Jason sets off in another adventure to find Eve and seek the reason behind her disappearance.

Luminous Avenger iX 2[]

More in-depth information is available on the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki.

Jason Frudnick in his Blaster Master Zero 3 appearance with Metal Attacker "SOPHIA-J1" appeared as a crossover DLC boss along with Fred and Eve in Luminous Avenger iX 2 to challenge Copen the Luminous Avenger iX. The DLC went on sale on March 10th, 2022 for $7.99 USD or €6.99.

In his pre-battle banter with Copen he reveals that he knows Copen and thanks him for data analysis of his gear to enhance his own much to Copen's confusion and reveals that the Blaster Rifle that Copen remade into the Razor Wheel is the same one Roddy used and challenged Copen to a battle to test his gears which Copen accepted.

When defeated Jason will congratulate Copen and hope the two can meet again.

Defeating Jason nets the player the "Parallel Blaster Rifle" ability, increasing the power of the Razor Wheel's melee attacks.


  • The reimagining of Jason for the Blaster Master Zero Series share similar characteristics with another character created by Inti Creates: Ciel, the deuteragonist of Mega Man Zero.
    • Both are well-known scientists who specialize in robotics.
    • Both fell in love with a blond-haired, human-like robot (Eve for Jason; Zero for Ciel).
    • Both are main characters starring in a game series which carries the word "Zero".
    • Both manage to develop a new energy source.
    • In Blaster Master Zero 3 a conversation at the Mass Driver Facility, Jason tells Leibniz that he was born in a laboratory, similar to Ciel.