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Jennifer Cornet (later Jennifer Gardner) is a scientist from The NORA Science Academy and the developer of the the original Metal Attacker SOPHIA THE 3RD NORA MA-01 "Metal Attacker" of MetaFight and a prominent character in Blaster Master Zero 3. After the battle with the Invem Dark Star Cluster she married Kane Gardner and has a daughter Eva Gardner.

Physical Appearance[]

In MetaFight, Jennifer has blond hair and blue eyes. She appears to wearing a white NORA scientist uniform.

10 years after MetaFight and into Blaster Master Zero 3, she has an updated look. She still has blue eyes and blond hair now tied back. She now wears a new NORA scientist uniform that is green and white with black sleeves, a green skirt, white knees shocks, black shoes, and a lab coat.


In MetaFight, not of her personality is shown as the game at the time was mostly straight forward action.

In Blaster Master Zero 3, her personality was expanded on. She is a loving mother to both her biological daughter Eva and non-biological daughter Eve. She is straightforward and not afraid of telling people bad news.

Plot Role[]


When the planet Sophia is attacked by the Invem Army, Kane is selected to pilot the Metal Attacker that Jennifer Cornet developed to fight them. Kane eventually finds and defeats the leader of the Invem, Goez, saving the planet.

Blaster Master[]

Jennifer Cornet and Kane Gardner make no appearance in this game; as this game was re-imagined for the west.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Some time after the events of MetaFight, Kane got married to Jennifer. Together, they built the MA-01 SOPHIA III, and also served as the genetic template for its support droid, Eve. The SOPHIA III was then sent to Earth, together with Eve and the support animal Fred.

After Eve takes the tank to try and fight the mutants by herself, Jennifer and Kane receives a distress signal from Fred, and decides to send over the Sophia Zero so Jason can go rescue her. After Jason saves Eve, Jason gives Eve a latter from Jennifer Gardner and Kane Gardner.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

It is revealed that Jennifer and Kane is part of a larger MA Project, and aside from the SOPHIA III, also aided in the development of the MA-02 Andreia.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Jennifer first meets Jason and Leibniz at NORA after the two recovers a strand of Eve's DNA from Dual Kirkal. Kane calls her first to let her know the two are friendly to not alert the Sophia Force. Jennifer discovers that Eve has become a mutant from Eve's DNA. Kane backs this up by telling everyone that the Sophia Force attacked G-Sophia SV because they detected mutant cells from Eve. She tells Jason that Sophinium, the "supposed cure for Eve" he came to Planet Sophia for, can't cure Eve's mutation and he starts to lose hope. Leibniz reminds Jason about Planet Stranga, the one place that is immune to the mutants. An inspired Jason makes haste for the connection to Area D, while Leibniz grumbles about having vague bad memories of a previous visit to the trippy world.

BMZ3 Meeting Jennifer

Jason meets Jennifer for the first time

Returning to NORA from Planet Stranga, Jason gives Jennifer the Nu-Nasae Herb, hoping for a cure. Leibniz tells Jason not to be too optimistic, which Kane agrees with. Kane tells them that Eve is located at the Forbidden Sector, the same place where he defeated Goez 10 years prior. Jennifer gives Jason the Counter-Barrier and the Elemental Blaster afterwards.

On the way to the Forbidden Sector, Leibniz tells Jason that his voice has changed again. As the G-SOPHIA SV crew heads deeper into the Forbidden Sector, Jennifer informs everyone that Eve has become the Mutant Queen and the mutants are protecting her. Leibniz asks Jason if everything they did for Eve was all for nothing, but Jennifer assures everyone that there is still a chance to save Eve. Kane tells Jason the Sophia Force has decide to destroy Eve and declared Jason "Blaster Master" a risk that could get in the way. However, he notes that designating Jason as an unpredictable element is his way of delaying the SF's destruction operation and buying Jason more time.

When G-SOPHIA SV crew finds Eve, they were shocked to see that Planade-G is still alive as a the Mutant Core, Bloodstained Planade-G. This enrages Leibniz, needing to be calm down by Jason. Bloodstained Planade-G, backed into a corner, escapes into Super Dimensional Space with Eve. Before the G-SOPHIA SV crew can follow, G-SOPHIA SV breaks down from all the fighting, and Leibniz stays behind due to lacking armor made for Super Dimensional Space. If talked to again, Leibniz will tell Jason ''...Don't go dying now, Jason...'' only to claim it was a lie.

Jason frees Eve by finishing Bloodstained Planade-G off with the Elemental Blaster. To everyone's surprise, Jennifer tells them all that Eve is still the Mutant Queen. Kane can't let Eve live as the Mutant Queen, so he prepares to destroy Eve with the SF. Leibniz, realizing that Eve doesn't want to be cured, tells everyone to ask Eve why. Eve tells everyone that if she dies, the mutants will go on a uncontrollable rampage and that her only option to forestall this is to isolate them all, along with herself, in Super Dimensional Space forever. Kane agrees with Eve and makes a deal with her to end the war with mutants. Jason, refusing let Eve go, has to make a choice.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

True Ending[]

If Jason does reach Eve, he manages to overhear her true feelings on being isolated within Super-Dimensional Space, and promises her that he'll find a way to reunite everyone in normal space one day. This surprises both Kane and Jennifer. Afterwards, Kane was able to clear the misunderstanding the Sophia Force had with Jason and Leibniz. As with the Bad Ending, neither are considered targets of the SF any longer.

Sometime later, off-screen she and Kane repair the VRV System in Jason's helmet, but not the voice system along with new gears in secret. She did this because Kane has became suspicious of Jason after he made that promises with Eve and thinks this will threaten the Interstellar Union that Sophia is building.


BMZ3 Jennifer's Picture

Jennifer's laboratory contains a picture on the wall of her and Kane together, which is taken from the congratulatory screen from the end of the original MetaFight.