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Press the Jump button in mid-air to perform additional jumps.
— Jump Booster • Blaster Master Zero

Jump Booster and related upgrades augment the default jump abilities of SOPHIA III and its successors/derivatives, allowing them to gain enough elevation to reach otherwise-inaccessible locations. However, these upgrades cannot apply their effects while underwater; the Dive Module was built for aquatic travel.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Press the Jump button in mid-air to perform continuous jumps
— Jump Booster Weapon Select Screen description • Blaster Master Zero

Jump Booster can be found in Area 3 by challenging Photophage in a top-down dungeon which is located in the same room as the Central Gear arena. Like the Hover Pack Maneuver which typically must be used to reach this upgrade's location, Jump Booster allows SOPHIA III to propel itself high enough to access Area 4 from Area 1.

While this air Maneuver (rather than Hover Pack) is active, SOPHIA III may continually tap A while in midair to produce green jets from its wheels and add half a jump's altitude (3 blocks) per point of SP consumed (one per press). As air jumps made in this manner overwrite any vertical momentum at the time of activation, timing air jumps as late as possible (for horizontal traversal) or at the apex of the previous jump (for vertical traversal) is advised to conserve energy.

SOPHIA Zero can be equipped with an empowered version of Jump Booster which consumes 1 SP point to produces two large green blasts on activation. In addition to propelling SOPHIA Zero upward with the same momentum as normal Jump Booster, the two blasts each incinerate enemies caught in their wake for ~16.7% of empowered Crusher Shot damage (~167% of normal Crusher Shot damage). The combined trapezoidal blast area is ~1.5 blocks high with top and bottom widths of ~2 and ~3 blocks, respectively.

Maneuvers have no quick-switch functionality like Main weapons or Sub-weapons; Jump Booster must be manually activated (or de-activated in favor of Hover Pack) from the Weapon Select Screen. As a result, Jump Booster is not available for use in game modes that disable Weapon Select screen access and do not have the Maneuver active by default:

  • Boss Blaster Mode (and Co-op Boss Blaster Mode) has Hover Pack enabled by default on SOPHIA III.
  • In Blaster Battle Mode, Jump Booster is enabled by default on the SOPHIA models used by Gunvolt and Shovel Knight during side-scrolling mode battles. (The SOPHIA models of other characters are instead equipped with Hover Pack.)

Blaster Master Zero 2[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Andreia comes equipped with Splash Booster, a water-themed clone of the Jump Booster, in lieu of any form of Hover capability. It can only be used once before landing, instead of being usable until the SP gauge is empty.