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Kane Gardner is the main protagonist of MetaFight and a prominent character in Blaster Master Zero 3. He is the pilot of the MA-01 "Metal Attacker" and the leader of the Sophia Force.

Physical Appearance[]

Kane in MetaFight wears a red suit with a arm guard on his left are and a chest plate on his right. He has a blue hair and blue eyes. His red suit is most likely a Sophia Force uniform.

10 years after MetaFight and into Blaster Master Zero 3, he has a similar look with a few differences. Kane looks a bit older with some of his blue hair starting to turn white. Kane now wears a updated Sophia Force uniform that comes with a black jacket with a red coller, black pants, red knee high boots, and a red long coat with the Sophia Force logo on the right sleeve. He has a new arm guard on his left with his sub weapon attached to it.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

During the True Ending of Blaster Master Zero 3, Kane has a new suit made for Super-Dimensional Space travel. This new suit is based on Jason's suit used during Blaster Master Zero 3 and has some minor differences. He also wears Jason's helmet.


In MetaFight, not much of his personality is shown as the game at the time was mostly straight forward action.

In Blaster Master Zero 3, his personality was expanded on. When he first appears, he is the no nonsense and serious Commander of the Sophia Force, and is willing to destroy Eve if she or anyone else threatens Planet Sophia. Despite this, he has a sense of justice and lets Jason escape to prove his and Eve's innocence. He is also a family man, as his main reason for fighting is his wife Jennifer and biological daughter Eva.

Game Apperances and Synopsis[]

MetaFight Box Art

Kane on the boxart of MetaFight, with Jennifer and the Metal Attacker


When the planet Sophia is attacked by the Invem army, Kane is selected to pilot the Metal Attacker to fight them. He eventually finds and defeats the leader of the Invem, Goez, saving the planet.

Blaster Master[]

Kane makes no appearance in this game; with his role as protagonist being taken over by Jason instead.

MetaFight EX[]

Unlike in the western version of the game, Kane does not reprise his role as the pilot of the Metal Attacker. It is instead his descendant, Leonardo Gardner, who stars in this game.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Some time after the events of MetaFight, Kane got married to Jennifer. Together, they built the MA-01 SOPHIA III, and also served as the genetic template for its support droid, Eve. The SOPHIA III was then sent to Earth, together with Eve and the support animal Fred.

After Eve takes the tank to try and fight the mutants by herself, Kane receives a distress signal from Fred, and decides to send over the Sophia Zero so Jason can go rescue her.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

It is revealed that Kane is part of a larger MA Project, and aside from the SOPHIA III, also aided in the development of the MA-02 Andreia.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

BMZ3 Jason meets Kane

Jason meets Kane for the first time

Kane had become the head of planet Sophia's main army, the Sophia Force. He secretly allows Jason to escape from his prison cell, and guides him and the G-Sophia SV through the Sophia Force Base towards his location. He then proceeds to fight the G-Sophia SV with his own Metal Attacker, but after a short fight, reveals he just wanted some battle damage done to his tank as a cover story for assisting Jason's breakout. After explaining the situation to Jason, he then opens the hatch to the Sophia Metropolis, and hands him the Hover module. (After this, Kane only appears through transmissions.)

After Jason defeats Dual Kirkal, he recovers a strand of Eve's DNA, to the confusion of all involved as Eve is a gynoid. With no clear answer, he commandeers a Sophia Force outpost's transmitter to contact Kane, who is shocked about both the anomalous DNA sample and Leibniz's presence with Jason. Kane instructs Jason to meet with his wife, Jennifer, at the NORA Satellite Zone. The only way for them to get to NORA is from the Mass Driver Facility, as the SF will just shoot them down if they try to fly.

At NORA, Jennifer discovers that Eve has become a mutant. Kane backs this up by telling everyone that the Sophia Force attacked G-Sophia SV because they detected mutant cells from Eve. Jason learns that Sophinium, the "supposed cure for Eve" he came to Planet Sophia for, can't cure Eve's mutation and he starts to lose hope. Leibniz reminds Jason about Planet Stranga, the one place that is immune to the mutants. An inspired Jason makes haste for the connection to Area E, while Leibniz grumbles about having vague bad memories of a previous visit to the trippy world.

Returning to NORA from Planet Stranga, Jason gives Jennifer the Nu-Nasae Herb, hoping for a cure. Leibniz tells Jason not to be too optimistic, which Kane agrees with. Kane tells them that Eve is located at the Forbidden Sector, the same place where he defeated Goez 10 years prior. Jennifer gives Jason the Counter-Barrier and the Elemental Blaster afterwards.

On the way to the Forbidden Sector, Leibniz tells Jason that his voice has changed again. As the G-SOPHIA SV crew heads deeper into the Forbidden Sector, Jennifer informs everyone that Eve has become the Mutant Queen and the mutants are protecting her. Leibniz asks Jason if everything they did for Eve was all for nothing, but Jennifer assures everyone that there is still a chance to save Eve. Kane tells Jason the Sophia Force has decided to destroy Eve and declared Jason a "Blaster Master", a risk that could get in the way. However, he notes that designating Jason as an unpredictable element is his way of delaying the SF's destruction operation and buying Jason more time.

When G-SOPHIA SV crew finds Eve, they are shocked to see that Planade-G is still alive as the Mutant Core, Bloodstained Planade-G. This enrages Leibniz, needing to be calmed down by Jason. Bloodstained Planade-G, backed into a corner, escapes into Super Dimensional Space with Eve. Before the G-SOPHIA SV crew can follow, G-SOPHIA SV breaks down from all the fighting.

After Jason frees Eve by finishing Bloodstained Planade-G off with the Elemental Blaster, to everyone's surprise, Jennifer tells them all that Eve is still the Mutant Queen. Kane can't let Eve live as the Mutant Queen, so he prepares to destroy Eve with the SF. Leibniz, realizing that Eve doesn't want to be cured, tells everyone to ask Eve why. Eve tells everyone that if she dies, the mutants will go on a uncontrollable rampage and that her only option to forestall this is to isolate them all, along with herself, in Super Dimensional Space forever. Kane agrees with Eve and makes a deal with her to end the war with mutants. Jason, refusing let Eve go, has to make a choice.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Bad Ending[]

After his daughter leaves for Super-Dimensional Space, Kane is nonetheless able to clear the misunderstanding the Sophia Force had of Jason and Leibniz. Several years later, Planet Sophia has decided to form an interstellar union with the other planets starting with ones that were part of the MA Project. Leading this operation is the Sophia Force. During this time both Jason and Leibniz returned to Sophia to help with negotiations. Well the rest of the SF still don’t trust the two, Kane vouches for the two. With Jason and Leibniz help Earth agrees join the Union.

True Ending[]

Sometime later, Kane, donning new gear, heads to Earth on SOPHIA THE 3RD NORA MA-01 "Metal Attacker" to find detected dimensional ruptures, suspecting Eve has broken the deal made to end the mutant incursions. Kane and Jennifer were able to repair the VRV System in Jason's helmet, but not the voice system.

Although it is not made immediately obvious, the player controls Kane for most, if not all of the True Ending sequence, where he is equipped with the same SOPHIA III the player fought at the beginning of the game. Jason enlisted the help of his comrades to delay Kane so that Eve may have enough time to finish birthing her and Jason's children, Roddy and Elfie. As such, the player must sequentially fight against Gonbei, Kanna, Stein and Rising Garuda while traversing Super-Dimensional Space.

Eventually, Kane catches up to Jason, where Kane, convinced that Jason has been infected with mutant hostility, clashes with him in a brief battle. Here, the player is given the option of choosing to play as either Kane or Jason; if Kane is not chosen, then he must be fought. His boss battle is similar to his original fight at the beginning of the game, though with a considerably more aggressive AI. Whoever the player chooses, the fight ends the same way: Before a decisive victory can be drawn, Jason calls off the fight to reveal that he, like the other MA pilots, was acting only to buy Eve time. With the birthing ready to take place, he no longer has reason to fight, and proceeds to explain his circumstances to Kane. Kane, moved by their humanity and trusting in their wish for peace, agrees to comply with their plan of sending Roddy and Elfie as humans to normal space. He promises to convince Sophia to truce with the Invem once more. After telling Jason to never give up on his dream of returning to normal space, he bids him and Eve a determined goodbye, wishing them luck in their futures.


  • After fighting Kane in the Steam version of Blaster Master Zero 3, the achievement "Pinnacle of Mutant Blasting Action" will be unlocked (a reference to the game's tagline: "The Pinnacle of Mutant Blasting Action"). Should Jason manage to come out victorious, it will also award the achievement "Beyond the Metafight".
  • In the Luminous Avenger iX 2 DLC Jason Frudnick, which appears to take place after Blaster Master Zero 3 True Ending with the inclusion of SOPHIA-J1, Jason is shown wearing his helmet. This implies that Kane returns Jason his helmet so no one can enter Super-Dimensional Space ever again.
    • It’s unknown how much of this is canon but Luminous Avenger iX 2 does have a big focus on parallel worlds, Copen is using a remodel Blaster Rifle, and both games were made by Inti Creates.

Other Appearances[]

Kane appears in his Famicom incarnation in Sunsoft's Barcode World, a 1992 tie-in game for Epoch's Barcode Battler scanning card game and Famicom/Super Famicom peripheral. He is designated a SOLDIER-2 card.