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Kanna (カンナ Kanna) is a character in the Blaster Master Zero series. She made her debut in Blaster Master Zero 2, and returns in Blaster Master Zero 3. Kanna is also the main focus of the Blaster Master Zero 2 DLC Kanna Raising Simulator.

She's the pilot of NORA MA-06 Eir. Kanna is a plant lifeform, and excels with botany and pharmaceutics, but is not that great of a pilot. She leaves controlling to her support droid Kenwood, and they have a support animal Yacopu. In Blaster Master Zero 2, her tagline is "Head of Daisies, Heart of Oak" (頭はお花畑、心は大樹 "Head of a Flower Field, Heart of a Great Tree"). In the Japanese version of Blaster Master Zero 3, her tagline is changed to "Head of Daisies, Heart of Oak, Daydreams Without End" (頭はお花畑、心は大樹、根ざす想いは無限大).

General Information[]

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Kanna lives on Planet Stranga in Area E. She confronts Jason upon his arrival, believing them to be enemies after an encounter with Leibniz, another Metal Attacker pilot. After fighting and losing, she is given a talking to by Kenwood, and will aid Jason and Eve on their adventure, provided they do a favor. Kanna asks for three different plants that are located around Planet Stranga, requesting Jason to retrieve them before giving him the Key to Area F (which she does not actually possess, but its whereabouts are known). After Jason retrieves the plants for Kanna, she gives them to Yacopu, who eats them and creates a medicine for Eve.


If the player revisits Kanna after these events, she will inform Jason of an herb that had blast off out of the planet and gone elsewhere, to Planet Flosante in Area A. If Jason retrieves this herb and gives it to Kanna, she will reward him by giving him the Emblem - EIR, which is required to get the game's good ending.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

True Ending[]

Eir's crew, along with the crews of Kuebiko and Atom, fight to distract Drolrevo as Eve charges Andreia's Acceleration Blast. Kanna and the other MA crews tell Eve that Leibniz stopped by each of their planets to tell them that the G-SOPHIA crew needed their help, and tells them how to use Emblems.

After Drolrevo is defeated, its true form, Drolrevo Mastro, appears. In one of Drolrevo Mastro chats, the other MA crews are busy holding back the mutants that Drolrevo Mastro has summoned.

As Jason finally destroys Drolrevo Mastro, Eve and Fred join Jason aboard G-SOPHIA. Everyone returns to real space, and the G-SOPHIA crew thanks the other pilots as they return to their respective worlds.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Kanna returns in Blaster Master Zero 3, once again appearing on Planet Stranga. Jason seeks her help in order to obtain an Nu-Nasae Herb in order to analyze its ability to neutralize mutant cells. Kanna uses EIR to lead Jason around to its last known location, where she gets trapped multiple times by toxic Serani-Torami thorns. Eventually, Jason and co. come across the Dimensional Rupture where it was last seen, where they enter super-dimensional space in order to fight the boss mutant Metal Cerbeboss. Once Metal Cerbeboss is defeated, it is revealed that other Kannas, as seen in the Kanna Raising Simulator, reside in this super-dimensional space, and is likely where Kanna herself originated from. Despite this new discovery, Kanna is still content with staying in normal space Stranga instead of its super-dimensional space counterpart.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Along with Gonbei, Stein and Leibniz, Kanna was asked by Jason to fight off Kane Gardner following his delving into Super-Dimensional Space so that they might buy Eve enough time to finish birthing Roddy and Elfie. As such, she is one of the bosses the player must face on the true ending route. Her fight, at first, is highly similar to the one present in Blaster Master Zero 2; however, about halfway through the fight, Yacopu releases a rainbow orb similar to the ones that transform Kanna in Kanna Raising Simulator, causing the background to shift to a field covered in flowers and, more importantly, Kanna's siblings from Super-Dimensional Space. For the rest of the battle, they will assist Kanna by tossing projectiles at the player from the sky.


  • Like many other aspects of Stranga, Kanna was inspired by Sunsoft's Trip World. However, rather than being based on any specific character, Kanna's design stemmed from the "flower of peace" - an artifact the game's plot centers around. This very same flower of peace is actually the plant most widely seen atop Kanna's head.
    Flower of peace

    The flower of peace, as seen in Trip World.

  • Kanna saw many revisions throughout the design process. Initially, she was conceptualized as a human-like princess with a bunny motif to closely match Yacopu and Kenwood, before the bunny motif was swapped for a plant motif, the human appearance was changed to be more plant-like, and the "princess" aspect was dropped altogether, in that order.