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Kanna Raising Simulator, known in Japanese as Let's Raise a Kanna on Stranga! (カンナを育てまストランガ Kanna o Sodatema Sutoranga), is a DLC minigame for Blaster Master Zero 2, added with the game's release on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. The DLC is $1.99 on both platforms, and is baked into the game if you purchase the Blaster Master Zero Trilogy collection.


The game largely uses the same assets (area designs, backgrounds, enemies) as BMZ2, with a few extra things. The player takes control of a curser that can move around the area and is immune to all attacks and hazards. Movement between areas is done by shifting the cursor into the passageway. This cursor can fire projectiles to destroy blocks and obstacles, or spawn a wormhole to capture objects as "fertilizer" for Kanna. Collecting fertilizer fills up a score gauge on the left, and the game will proceed to the next round when the gauge is full. Fertilizer is split between three types;

  • Red: Mutants and other enemies. Projectiles fired from enemies also count
  • Blue: Bugs
  • Green: Health/Ammo/Energy pickups

Like in the base game, pickups can be found by destroying blocks, though some blocks instead contain clock pickups that extend the time limit. There is also a hidden Kanna in every stage that can be found and captured.

Every stage has a time limit, which varies from stage to stage. Failing to fill the fertilizer gauge before time runs out will end the game prematurely.

Upon clearing a stage, the fertilizer will be fed to Kanna, leading her to the next stage of growth. Depending on what fertilizer type is the majority, Kanna will achieve a different form. Including her base infant form, there are up to 15 Kannas that can be acquired, all viewable in the "Kanna's Strangallery" menu

List of Kannas[]


  • Li'l Kanna
    • Fwowah~ Look'it how ickle I was when Kenwood found me!

Stage 1[]

  • Kannapokkur- feed Li'l Kanna mostly Red fertilizer
    • What a tiny bean~ And such a rascal too! I think this one's a little boy!
  • Young Kanna- feed Li'l Kanna mostly Green fertilizer
    • Ooh, this is from back in the day when me and Kenwood were exploring all over the planet.
  • Ominous Kanna- feed Li'l Kanna mostly Blue fertilizer
    • What the...?

Stage 2[]

  • Inkanna- Kannapokkur Red
    • This Kanna uses her flower's smelly stuff to lure in mutants! Then she snatches 'em up with her big 'ol tentacles!
  • Fairy Kanna- Kannapokkur or Young Kanna Blue
    • OMG what a cutie! She's totes a flower fairy...but she eats flower nectar! So, maybe she's a bug? But she eats bugs too.
  • Kanna- Any Stage 1 Kanna Green
    • Floooweeer! It's meee! The Kanna you all know and love!
  • Golem Kanna- Young or Ominous Kanna Red
    • She can pew-pew a beam from her belly button using Sophinium, those green crystals! …Wait, does she even HAVE a belly button?
  • Bunny Kanna- Ominous Kanna Blue
    • Surprise, Yacopu! This Kanna comes all the way from the moon! Planet Stranga, like, doesn't have a moon, though!

Stage 3[]

  • Jelly Kanna- Inkanna or Golem Kanna Red/Blue
    • This gooey gal Kanna came bursting out of her pot with a giant PWOOSH!
  • Ris-Kanna- Inkanna Green Or Fairy Kanna Red/Blue
    • Whooa! Scandalous!
  • Elegant Kanna- With Kanna, clear final stage without finding all hidden Kannas
    • This is what I wear to celebrate sunny days! It's totes Japanese! …Hang on, what's "Japanese," anyway?
  • Infinity Kanna- With Kanna, clear final stage after finding all hidden Kannas
    • Say it with me! Nice and loud, now! A one and a two- Big Baaaaaaaaang!
  • Fruit Kanna a la mode- Fairy or Bunny Kanna Red
    • Take a big bite! She'll melt in your mouth! Heat 'er up and she'll melt on the spot!
  • Fur Kanna- Golem Green or Bunny Blue/Green
    • She can purify mutants with this super neato magic dance~ When she's done, she WHACKS 'em real good with her staff!


A number of the younger-stage Kannas appear in Blaster Master Zero 3 as Kanna's kindred, their shared species originating from Stranga's super-dimensional space.