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BMZ2 Kenwood

Kenwood is the Support Droid for Kanna and their Metal Attacker Eir, debuting in Blaster Master Zero 2.


Unlike most Support Droids guiding Metal Attackers to mutant-ravaged worlds, Kenwood had zero luck reaching a sapient pilot for Eir on Planet Stranga. Due to the differing flow of space-time between dimensional sectors, he spent nearly 20 years on this nearly fruitless search, unable to leave the planet's atmosphere.[1] Pushed to the ends of his patience, he dug Kanna out of the ground, resolving to raise her into a suitable pilot and a "proper lady".

He at least got the first part down right, as her impulsive challenge of Jason and Gaia-SOPHIA led to an explosive battle between the two tanks, and Kanna herself developed an aptitude for chemistry and pharmacology, using her own head and the assistance of Yacopu as a proving ground for medicines and other concoctions. Continuing to serve the Eir team, Kenwood serves as its diplomatic arm in addition to his ongoing role as Kanna's caretaker.


  • Like Leibniz, Kenwood is one of few characters introduced in Blaster Master Zero 2 to not be a reference to a past Sunsoft game.
  • Kenwood's sheep motif is a reference to the similarity in Japanese between "butler" (shitsuji) and "sheep" (hitsuji).
  • Kenwood is named after Kenwood Corporation, a Japanese brand of consumer electronics for cars. The name was apparently chosen for no other reason other than it "sounds good".

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