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Kuebiko is a Metal Attacker debuting in Blaster Master Zero 2, piloted by Gonbei and supported by Tae. Its designation is NORA MA-05.


Blaster Master Zero 2[]

After clashing with Gonbei on Planet Montoj and resolving a misunderstanding, Jason meets up with him in the holding area for Kuebiko. Here, Gonbei explains that he previously fought against the oppressive governor with his "ikki", an army of rebelling peasants and farmers. The rebellion collapsed when the governor was possessed by a mutant and more mutants proceeded to mob the planet until Gonbei and Kuebiko were all that remained. Kuebiko was damaged in a fight against Zavira, requiring Jason and Eve to assist with its repairs.

Jason would challenge Zavira and dispatch it to acquire an Access Key, only for its true form of Gathervira to awaken on the horizon. Kuebiko and its crew deploy just in time to provide cover fire and other support for Gaia-SOPHIA as it takes on the behemoth.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

As the player character traverses through Area ???, he travels into a top-down section only to come face-to-face with Gonbei, who bars their entry as a "personal request". While Gonbei himself fights on foot, Kuebiko and Tae offer him fire support using its cannon. Upon his defeat, Gonbei calls for a retreat, vanishing into a wormhole, Kuebiko and co. presumably doing the same.


Kuebiko's full abilities are never specified or displayed as all of its appearances are either while it's under repair or playing a support role. What is known is that Kuebiko is capable of Recoil Jump, as demonstrated by its maneuver data allowing G-SOPHIA to do the same. It can also provide significant suppressive fire with its three-barreled rotary autocannon, and launch holographic bamboo stalks capable of supporting a Metal Attacker as a wall jump foothold.


  • Like the rest of the extraterrestrial MAs, Kuebiko is named after a deity: Kuebiko is the Japanese god of folklore and agriculture, all of which directly ties into Gonbei's portrayal as a poor Japanese farmer.

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