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Ekoro demonstrates a Laser Shot passing through non-destructible terrain in Area 4.

A shot that can pierce through terrain. Hold the Shoot button to charge it, then release to fire.
— Laser Shot • Blaster Master Zero

Laser Shot is the first of several upgrades in Blaster Master Zero that adds charge shot functionality to SOPHIA III's main cannon. It is awarded after defeating Crabularva in Area 2 normally and Spark Salamander in Area 4 in Destroyer Mode.


While this Main shot is equipped, Laser Shot fires normal cannon blasts when the Shoot Button is tapped (Hyper Shots before defeating Crabullus, Crusher Shots afterward). If it is instead held for at least 0.5 seconds before releasing, SOPHIA III will fire a narrow laser bolt with the same offensive power, but added terrain and target-penetrating ability. Upon installation of the Crusher Shot chip, this laser bolt will also destroy blocks on contact, making Laser Shot a potent excavation option in later Areas.

A laser that can pierce through terrain
— Laser Shot (SOPHIA Zero) • Blaster Master Zero

SOPHIA Zero boasts a drastically improved version of the Laser Shot that requires no charge and fires no standard rounds; instead, its empowered Laser Shot projects a beam with each Shoot button tap that instantly lances across terrain, damaging any enemy between the tank and the edge of the screen for 100% of empowered Crusher Shot damage, for ~0.2 seconds. Only one beam can be on-screen at a time, limiting this Main shot's maximum fire rate to ~5 beams per second.

Related Quotes[]

LASER SHOT: With this main weapon, you can hold down the Shoot button to charge a shot, then release it to fire. While its attack power may not be higher, it does fire a laser that can pierce through walls and enemies. Also, its charge time is short and it consumes no SP, so go ahead and use it to your heart's content!
— Eve