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Life Ups are a collectible featured in Blaster Master: Overdrive and the Blaster Master Zero trilogy. Their main purpose is to extend the maximum Life of Metal Attackers and their pilots.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Eight Life Ups are scattered across the Underground, raising the max Life of both Sophia III and its pilot by 1 (from a default of 8 to a max of 16) upon pickup, and providing full recovery to the new maximum if whichever entity picked it up was damaged.

Life Ups take the form of a symbol or other item meaningful to whoever grabs them; whereas Jason finds them shaped like the green hexagons on his armor and in Sophia III's cockpit, Shantae would acquire Heart Holders from her home game series, and so on.

Life Ups have no effect in Destroyer Mode, but are still counted towards the item completion rate to access Area 9.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

In addition to eight Life Ups scattered across the Space Map to raise Jason and Gaia-SOPHIA's Life from 8 to 16, an additional five SP Ups shaped like blue hexagons exist to extend the tank's SP meter by 20% per pickup. Empress can additionally pick up five DP Ups to extend her separate Dragon Point meter.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Andreia does not inherit Life Ups from Gaia-SOPHIA, but instead acquires its own four that increase its Life by 2 each. Eve does not gain additional Life from these.


  • Increased health bars were previously implemented with the Hybrid Armor in Blaster Master: Enemy Below, where it increases Sophia 3rd's maximum health by 2; it does not effect Jason's health.
  • Faithfulness to cameo characters' home conceits aside, it appears that Life Ups near-universally take on the shape of whatever would be a given Metal Attacker's Emblem.