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The Lightning Beings are an enigmatic race of alien life forms, intermittently depicted as an all-new threat in Blaster Master sequels and/or conflated (sometimes retroactively) with either the Invem Dark Star Army or (former) residents of Sophia.

Jason's first encounter with these seemingly biomechanical creatures was with the Plutonium Boss.

The Lightning Beings are first named as a threat to humanity following their lightning strike on the barn where Sophia 3rd was maintained. The tank was hastily remodeled into Sophia 4th in pursuit.

At the end of the Sophia J-7 team's quest against the Lightning Beings, Kaiser stands as their commander.

The Lightning Beings are mentioned offhand by Jason in the True Ending, as a faction of mutants that do not recognize Eve as the Invem Queen and are subsequently slated to be pacified with Sophia-J1.

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