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"The Cosmic Stampede" Mantipede is a large mutant that appears in Blaster Master Zero 3 that serves as the boss of the NORA Satellite Zone. It is also fought a second time in the mutant infested area of the Forbidden Sector.

Physical Appearance[]

As the name suggests, this mutant creature appears as a giant centipede and possesses many of the anatomical features of the real world arthropod, such as multiple body segments with a pair of legs per segment, antennae, a pair of mandibles, and a pair of maxillae. The mutant's features that deviate from a real centipede are noticeable with its head that contain two large green compound eyes on each side, along with three green ocelli (small eyes) located towards the front of its head. Mantipede is predominately a dull shade of yellow in color throughout the course of its body and head, with reddish-pink legs, maxillae, and other exposed features that connect each of its body segments. Unlike the rounded shape of a centipede's body segments, Mantipede's are much more abstract in design and end in sharp points on each side, further adding to the alien-like appearance of the creature. The rearmost segment (telson) and tail contain a large, razor sharp pair of pincers.

General Information[]

Upon confirming that Jason and Leibniz need to return to Planet Stranga in order to seek out any wild or plant life that could be used to create a vaccine to suppress the remaining mutant cells within Eve, the two make their way to a dimensional tunnel that serves as a conduit to Kanna's homeworld. However, they come to learn that signals stemming from a dimensional rupture and a large mutant are residing in that area of the NORA Satellite Zone. With the creature posing a threat and likely to attack them during their travel to Stranga, Jason decides that this mutant threat should be eliminated beforehand. By locating the boss's lair on a small asteroid upon traversing through a maze of wormholes, Jason defeating Mantipede will reward him with Access Key E, allowing safe passage to Planet Stranga via the dimensional tunnel.


  • Top-Down Mode: Once the battle commences, Mantipede will perform a series of quick dashes coming on and off screen (two orthogonal, one diagonal) in attempt to trample over Jason. Another one of the mutant boss's attacks consists of firing off a volley of blue spark shots in Jason's direction while the creature remains in a stationary position. Mantipede's final attack entails of it rapidly crawling around the arena in a counterclockwise manner and releasing a charged spark projectile from its mouth that will quickly spin around Jason and home in on his current position.
  • Side-Scrolling Mode: In the second half of the battle, Mantipede's attacks are much more simplistic, as it will continue to move upward and downward in a vertical pattern while attempting to collide with Gaia-SOPHIA SV should it remain in the mutant's path. As it continues to traverse across this area of Super-Dimensional Space, Mantipede will launch a barrage of large glowing spark shots at the player.


As Mantipede performs its fast dash attacks, they can be countered with a properly timed usage of the Rushing Attacker, which is capable of stunning the boss in place, leaving it vulnerable for Jason to inflict additional damage via the Cross Wave gun. When Mantipede executes its salvo of blue spark shots, any of them can be effectively countered through Jason's Spinning Reflector. Any reflected shots will be fired back upon Mantipede, inflicting damage with the potential to stun the boss, allowing Jason to fire additional rounds from the Blaster Rifle. Mantipede's charged spark shot can also be countered with the Spinning Reflector, so long as Jason is facing the proper direction just before the projectile collides with him.

Once Mantipede escapes into Super-Dimensional Space, the player will regain control of Gaia-SOPHIA SV to finish off this mutant menace. Usage of either G-Crusher Shot+ or the Anti-SF Ammo from the main cannon are effective in depleting Mantipede's remaining health. The Aqua Shift subweapon used in conjunction with the aforementioned cannon shots will inflict significantly more damage while negating any reduction in health to the player while colliding with the enemy.


BMZ3 Mantipede Concept Art

Concept Art of Mantipede (From Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle [Limited Edition] Art Book)