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Ekoro firing the Maximum Shot.

A shot that fires a wider beam. Hold the Shoot button to charge it, then release to fire.
— Maximum Shot • Blaster Master Zero

The Maximum Shot is an alternate charge shot upgrade for SOPHIA III's main cannon in Blaster Master Zero. It is gained from the "Tadroll's Snack Time" enemy rush room in Area 4.


While selected as the active cannon mode, Maximum Shot fires normal cannon blasts when the Shoot button is tapped. When it is instead held for at least 0.75 seconds before releasing, SOPHIA III drains 1 SP to fire a two-block high crescent blast; damage per shot is equivalent to the shooting power of the main cannon + 1 Normal Shot, i.e. same damage as one Warhead Missile.

Like the default cannon, the blast is centered on SOPHIA's cannon (which is located ~0.75 blocks above the floor while aiming forward) and will dissipate if it makes contact with terrain or a durable enemy; unlike the default cannon, Maximum Shot will pierce through enemies it destroys. In addition, its enemy hitbox is much taller than its terrain hitbox (~1.5 blocks tall versus ~0.25 blocks tall), allowing this Main shot to easily hit smaller landbound enemies and airborne targets.

If the Crusher Shot chip is installed in SOPHIA, Maximum Shots will destroy blocks they contact with their enemy hitbox, but will dissipate if their terrain hitbox makes contact with a block (said block will also be destroyed as the enemy and terrain collision hitboxes have the same width). In practice, Maximum Shots work well for widening existing tunnels through blocks, though they do not have true terrain piercing capabilities (Laser Shot is superior in this regard) and will only excavate the row of blocks above SOPHIA when fired forward on the ground. (Maximum Shots fired forward while Wall Climb is engaged will fly slightly lower than usual, allowing them to excavate the row of blocks below SOPHIA as well.)

A shot that fires a wide beam
— Maximum Shot Description (SOPHIA Zero) • Blaster Master Zero

SOPHIA Zero does away with the charging requirement, making every tap shot an empowered Maximum Shot without imposing a cap on the number of on-screen shots (attempting to fire empowered Maximum Shot while at zero SP will instead fire an empowered Crusher Shot). Proportional damage compared to the empowered Crusher Shot is the same, but a small increase to enemy hitbox height allows these shots to excavate one row of blocks below SOPHIA as well as one above while aiming forward, even while Wall Climb is not engaged. Visually, the shot's crescent shape is significantly thickened so that it more closely resembles a semicircle.

Related Quotes[]

MAXIMUM SHOT: With this main weapon, you can hold down the Shoot button to charge a shot, then release it to fire. It's a wide, vertical shot that packs quite a punch. Let 'em have it!!
— Eve