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Sophia the 3rd (BMZ)

This article is about the progenitor vehicle of the MetaFight and Blaster Master franchises, as depicted in MetaFight and Blaster Master Zero 3. For the broader class of armed all-terrain vehicles, see Metal Attackers (Zero Series) or Category:Metal Attackers.

SOPHIA The 3rd NORA MA-001 "Metal Attacker" is the player vehicle of MetaFight and Meta Fight EX. Developed by Jennifer Cornet and piloted by Kane Gardner (and later Leo Gardner), it boasts superb all-terrain maneuverability and powerful weapons used to drive the Invem Dark Star Army from the planet Sophia.

Prior to the release of Blaster Master Zero 3, it is often considered identical to its localized counterpart Sophia 3rd. BMZ3 codifies MetaFight as a prequel to the Blaster Master Zero timeline, bifurcating SOPHIA III and Metal Attacker into separate (albeit similar) vehicle models. Kane Gardner reprises his tenure as Metal Attacker's pilot, serving as an early boss.


Metal Attacker's most prominent weapon is its tank cannon, capable of firing functionally unlimited laser blasts (though only three on screen at a time) and gaining greater stopping power against both enemies and destructible terrain with field upgrades.

Three flavors of sub-weapon are also available to Metal Attacker. In the Meta Fight duology, they are stocked numerically to a cap of 99.

  • Warhead Missiles: Fires three missiles that fan out to cover a 60-degree arc.
  • Homing Missile: Fires a single missile that slowly tracks targets. In Blaster Master Zero 3, three missiles are instead fired that fork along a 90-degree arc before tracking.
  • Thunder Breaker: Fires lightning erratically from the tank's undercarriage. The randomness is mitigated in BMZ3 with each use producing several pulses that cover its 60-degree potential range.


In addition to jump thrusters that allow it to cover four to five times its height in vertical distance, Metal Attacker can have a variety of free-movement options installed.

  • Hover Pack: Allows free elevation in mid-air, fuel permitting.
  • Dive Gear: Deploys hydro-jets that enable free movement underwater.
  • Wall 1: Allows driving up vertical walls.
    • Wall 2 (MetaFight and MF EX): Additionally permits driving across ceilings.
  • Hi-Jump (MF EX): Further increases base jump height.
  • Engine Boost (MF EX): Grants sufficient land movement torque to fight conveyor belts.

Boss Appearance and Strategy[]

Kane and Metal Attacker challenge Jason and Gaia-SOPHIA SV as the first side-scrolling boss of Blaster Master Zero 3 at the exit to the Sophia Force Base. Alternating between the classic weapons systems, Metal Attacker poses most of its threat from having height advantage and tight evasion windows for salvoes of Crusher Shot rounds.

  • Crusher Shot: Metal Attacker rolls and jumps forward while firing Crusher Shots in salvoes of three, then retreats and repeats, until nine are fired off. Ground-height shots can be ducked under by a disembarked Jason.
  • Warhead Missiles: Metal Attacker fires up to four salvoes of Warhead Missiles while maneuvering in the same manner as the Crusher Shot pattern. They are destructible, but the spread and velocity make for tight windows.
  • Homing Missile: Metal Attacker maneuvers to a lower corner or Wall Climbs to an upper corner before firing a salvo of three destructible homing missiles.
  • Thunder Breaker: Metal Attacker jumps to an aggravated hover height and strafes while discharging thunderbolts at alternate angles. As long as the player avoids being directly underneath, it can prove one of the most vulnerable patterns between clear firing angles and Metal Attacker staying still for a full second after descending back to the ground.
  • Wall Climb: Metal Attacker rolls up the wall, then onto the ceiling, raining down Crusher Shots from a vertically-pivoted main cannon. The assault persists for about 12 rounds before culminating in a cluster of Warhead Missiles fired downward, followed by a descent and rest interval like the Thunder Breaker pattern's.

This boss battle cannot actually be lost unless the player is killed while dismounted; a hit that would reduce G-SOPHIA SV to zero Life Energy will instead stun it and load the next cutscene. Once the player is reduced to critical health or successfully defeats Metal Attacker, Kane explains that his aim is to permit Jason to escape the base, while their battle corroborates an expectation that an old-model machine would have difficulty successfully detaining the recently-remodeled G-SOPHIA SV.

Resolving the battle between G-SOPHIA SV and Metal Attacker awards the "The Pinnacle of Mutant-Blasting Action" achievement on non-Nintendo systems. Defeating Metal Attacker additionally awards "Beyond the Metafight."

A Reversal of Perception[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

Tracking a dimensional rupture signal in Area ??? after Jason successfully reaches out to Eve to start the True Ending, a red-clad pilot arrives on scene with Metal Attacker to replace the since-overloaded Gaia-SOPHIA SV as the player's vehicle.

  • Warhead Missiles, Homing Missile, and Thunder Breaker have ammo capacities of 20. They do not drain SP when fired, but all three are partially reloaded when picking up an SP Capsule.
  • The SP bar functions identically to SOPHIA III's in Blaster Master Zero. However, since only Hovering drains it, it functions more as a callback to the HOV gauge of the MetaFight duology (and by extension, Blaster Master and Enemy Below).
  • A Counter Barrier unit is installed to permit safe passage through dimensional distortions.
  • There are no Life Ups to be procured, but Metal Attacker's HP bar is compatible with Life Energy Guard Beta pickups.
  • With some detouring, Acceleration Blast can be installed as the only sub-weapon that consumes SP instead of its own stock of ammunition.

After navigating the Super-Dimensional and normal spaces of Area ??? and fighting through the four rival Metal Attackers of the previous game, the pilot reveals himself as Kane Gardner, investigating the potential threat unleashed by Jason Frudnick, now fully acclimated to Super-Dimensional Space in order to stand by Eve's side with SOPHIA-J1. The two pilots clash over their perception of the massive cocoon nearby as either a "Cradle of Calamity" or "Cradle of Hope", and the player is left to decide which Metal Attacker and pilot to command by way of an alternating title card. If the player chooses to fight the final battle as Jason, Kane will use identical tactics to the Sophia Force Base encounter above. Defeating Metal Attacker in this encounter awards the "Blaster Master" achievement on non-Nintendo systems.