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Mine Mite is a mid-boss in Blaster Master Zero 2, appearing in Area A on Planet Flosante. A stronger version of it, Mighty Mine Mite, appears in Area C on Planetoid C-3; it later reappears in Area G on Planetoid G-3.

Physical Appearance[]

Mine Mite vaguely resembles a giant hermit crab. It has a spiked, green, conical shell; two blue eyes; and an orange body with a head, claws, and two pairs of legs visible.

Mighty Mine Mite's appearance is identical except for color. Its shell is red, its eyes green, and its body a pale yellow.

General Information[]

Mine Mite appears as the mid-boss of Planet Flosante. Defeating it grants the Proximity Mine for Jason, the Orbital Edge for Copen, or DP Up for Empress.

Mighty Mine Mite appears as the mid-boss of Planetoid C-3. Defeating it grants the fire elemental sub-weapon for Jason, Torch Bomb, an Extra Bullit for Copen, or the Rune Anelace for Empress.


The Mine Mite arena consists of nine square platforms joined by small walkways; eight are on the perimeter, and one is in the center. Mine Mite attacks by retracting into its shell and circling around the arena, occasionally stopping to drop Proximity Mine before resuming its movement. It will then stop and emerge from its shell for a brief period of time. Every other time it stops circling, the mines will explode, each releasing a large red bullet that slowly moves in the direction of the player's position upon detonation.

Mighty Mine Mite's arena is identical in form, and its attack pattern is also the same. However, it instead drops Torch Bombs instead of Proximity Mines. When the Torch Bombs ignite, they create a circle of flames with a two block radius; when Mighty Mine Mite manually detonates them, they also release the red bullets the Proximity Mines do. Flame fields can be destroyed for Capsules by attacking the empty space in the center of the field.


It's best not to chase after speedy enemies like this one... Maybe there's a chance for a BLAST COUNTER! Try to create an opening to attack!
— Eve

The main way to damage the Mine Mites is to attack its body; its shell is immune to all Gun attacks and can only be pierced by sub-weapons and Blast Counters which can be used at range, such as Reflex Striker. The best position to be is at the enter of the arena, as either Mine Mite will normally be circling the perimeter; standing in the center allows the player to avoid getting hit by Mine Mite's movement, its mines, and allows the player to more easily observe Mine Mite's position. Whenever Mine Mite drops a mine, a marker appears above it, giving the player an opportunity to Blast Counter it. Successfully countering will cause the Mine Mite to spin out and stop on the center platform. It will emerge from its shell to face the player, making it easier to take aim and attack it up close. If the player misses the counter, there are still other opportunities when it drops more mines. Alternatively, the player can wait until the Mine Mite comes out of its shell on its own, although this is less desirable, as its position and where it's facing will be less obvious.

Whenever (Mighty) Mine Mite's body is exposed, the following Gun Levels will stun the boss for 1.5 seconds by default on direct body hits (then render it immune to further stuns for 10 seconds afterward), leaving it vulnerable to attacks for a longer period than usual:

  • Mine Mite: G-Blaster, Splasher, Wide Blaster
  • Mighty Mine Mite: Stinger, Whip, Wide Blaster