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Boss mutant of the planet Flosante. Mockrantula is a powerful mutant if left alone, as it is capable of producing swarms of spider-like mutants by itself. Its powerful webs can encompass an entire planet if given enough time.
— Mockrantula Description • Blaster Master Zero 2 website

“The Web of Destruction” Mockrantula is the boss of Planet Flosante, and the second to last boss of the boss rush in Planetoid G-3. After Jason defeats it, it will award the Hover ability for Gaia-SOPHIA.

Physical Appearance[]

As the name suggests, Mockrantula resembles a large tarantula. It has a light blue body, six yellow eyes, a pair of yellow chelicerae, twelve tentacle-like appendages, six three-toed legs (only visible in its artwork), yellow spinnerets, and a large amount of Cogmockula eggs on the carapace of its cephalothorax; some of these eggs are cracked, ready to hatch.


Mockrantula starts the fight by summoning Cogmockulas from its back; it pulls back its tentacles and tosses out six groups of them. Mockrantula can also leap into the air and produce four web paths; Mockrantula will then quickly dash through these webs in the order of which the appeared. Four Spiders will enter the arena, one from each web, before Mockrantula returns to the center of the arena. Once this occurs, each of the Spiders, and Mockrantula itself, will perform their projectile attacks, each firing a red orb from its mouth.


When it's releasing swarms of spiders or shooting an energy blast... you'll have plenty of chances for a BLAST COUNTER! Just try not to run into the web or get surrounded!
— Eve

When Mockrantula is about to summon the Cogmockulas and before it fires its energy projectile, the player is given the opportunity to Blast Counter. Blaster Countering the first attack will instantly defeat the Cogmockulas, as well as deal extra damage to Mockrantula. If the player misses this opportunity, and Mockrantula successfully summons the Cogmockulas, Splasher's large area of effect can easily defeat them; this can also be used as an alternative to the Blast Counter, but it is less effective. If Jason Blast Counters the second attack, he can cause extra damage to Mockrantula, and any targeted Spiders will be defeated. If the attack(s) are not countered, the Spiders can be defeated by normal means, or can be countered at later opportunities, as they can only move around slowly and fire projectiles.

The Seeker, EX Charge, and Wide Blaster Gun Levels are all capable of stunning Mockrantula, preventing it from moving for 1.5 seconds by default. Timing this stun to occur just after a Blast Counter stun will extend the duration of the weak stun beyond its usual 3-second duration.

Any enemies summoned during the fight can be defeated for Capsules, lowering the risk of the player running out of sub-weapon ammo and power, as well as allowing the player to upgrade their Blaster Rifle.