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Mr. Mug is the support animal for the crew of Atom, though he only makes an appearance in Blaster Master Zero 3. Mr. Mug takes the appearance of a teddy bear.



The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

When Kane journeys through Area ???, he finds his progress halted by several MA pilots from other worlds. One of those pilots is Stein, pilot of Atom. Declaring their intentions to bar Kane's progress, Atom's whole crew take to harrying Metal Attacker.

Upon Atom suffering critical damage, the crew retreats with the MA into a wormhole.


While Mr. Mug presumably has some abilities shared with other support animals to assist the MA and its crew, Mr. Mug's main contribution seems to be a strength that belies his cuddly appearance

He appears in Atom's fight in Area ??? after Atom loses about 11/2 health bars, hopping out and plodding towards Metal Attacker. Though slow and clumsy-looking, and its punches short range, a single hit holds the risk of instantly depleting all of Metal Attacker's health, even through Life Energy Guards. And keep in mind, Atom isn't sitting idly by while Mr. Mug chases Metal Attacker around.