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Multi Leg is a Maneuver for Gaia-SOPHIA SV that is gained in Blaster Master Zero 3 upon defeating Dual Kirkal in the 2nd area, Sophia Metropolis.


While Multi Leg is enabled in the sub-screen, holding Down will cause SOPHIA's wheels to transform into legs resembling those of Mutant Attackers, elevating the rest of the battle tank (along with its hitbox) by half a block while on the ground and enabling instant reversals of movement at the cost of top speed. Holding Down again or leaving SOPHIA will reverse the transformation.

Spider-like mutants will mistakenly perceive Gaia-SOPHIA SV as a fellow mutant while Multi Leg is active, causing them to become passive and allowing SOPHIA to pass through Mutant Attacker dens blocking the way in the 2nd area. In addition, the maneuver's hitbox elevation is necessary for the battle tank to safely move along floors covered with short hazards such as toxic water or laser spikes.


  • Default maneuvers, including Hover and Recoil Jump, gain unique animations when used with Multi Leg.