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Peepers are mutants that appear in Blaster Master/MetaFight, along with Blaster Master Zero.

Physical Appearance[]

Peepers are large floating eyeballs that have a green eyelid and a red pupil.

General Information[]

Peepers appear in Area 6 of Blaster Master Zero, where they move in wavy patterns until Jason approaches them. Upon being approached, the Peeper will begin to revolve around him and then stop.  After a few seconds of stopping, they fire a bullet at Jason before continuing to revolve around him. A large amount of Peepers appear in the enemy rush room. Peeper's Den; after they are defeated, they drop the Cannon Shot.

Other Appearances[]

MetaFight/Blaster Master[]

Peepers have also appeared in Blaster Master, where they appear in Area 2 and Area 6. These Peepers also revolve around Jason and try to shoot him, but they don't stop for a few seconds while shooting at him.