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Area 3


Hover Module (BM1)
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Photophage is the boss of Blaster Master's Area 3. When defeated, it drops the Hover Module.

In Blaster MasterEdit


Photophage consists of sixteen computer banks that phase into the arena. When a Photophage phases into existence, it can move up, down, left, or right. It has two attacks:

1. A single, glittering projectile, fired in the direction of Jason.

2. A three-way beam; the Photophage will remain immobile during this attack.

Both attacks launch very quickly, so Jason will need to stay on the move. After a few seconds, the Photophage will become invulnerable, but will eventually turn on again.

A high level Gun is very effective against the Photophage, as well as getting close enough to use Grenades; risky but effective. As the components are destroyed, the remaining components gain speed, and use their first attack more often, so make sure to keep on the move.

Other AppearancesEdit

Blaster Master: Blasting AgainEdit

Photophage returns as a boss in Blasting Again.

Blaster Master ZeroEdit

Photophage appears as a sub-boss in Area 3, its position as Main Boss (and guardian of the Hover Module) being taken over by Central Gear. Each of the computer banks that comprise it shares an equal fraction of its overall life bar, and it now boasts an additional attack pattern where multiple banks will become active/vulnerable at once before launching several of the tracking single shots at Jason's location.