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Planet Montoj (abbreviated as Montoj) is the main planet of Area B and the second main stage of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Geography & Biology[]

Montoj is a planet of fresh water and lush bamboo forests. Much of the local fauna appears to be mutant insects, and the landscape has several pits of water, which may prevent Gaia-SOPHIA from recovering SP from landing. Sticks of bamboo may protrude from the ground to impede Jason's progress when he heads towards specific areas. However, most can be easily hovered over or, in the case of orange bamboo, removed with the press of a switch. (Two vine-covered bamboo barriers block off mountainous regions of the planet at first but are removed as the the planet's story arc progresses.)

Moving further into Montoj, you will enter the marshlands and hover over to the mountainous region. The top-down view dungeons feature farmland that can be traversed over, and feature stage gimmicks involving Keys. Mother Brains can be seen floating in midair or attached to the ground, and mutant flies and worms roam the area.

Culturally and technologically speaking, Montoj appears to be approximately the equivalent of feudal-era Japan, as the most advanced technology seen is Kuebiko. Moreover, the mutants that attacked the planet and its people were initially thought of as "yokai."


Planet Montoj is home to many farmers, the most notable of which is Gonbei, the pilot of NORA MA-05 Kuebiko, and his support droid Tae. They currently face a series of mutants headed by their former governor who has deformed into what is now currently the mutant Zavira.

Many of the villagers who used to live on the planet have been killed by the mutant Zavira, due to a farmer's rebellion that happened prior to Jason's arrival on the planet. The remaining survivors live up in the mountains, where Gonbei and Tae have made their base of operations.



The Ikki is an army of rebellious farmers that were dissatisfied with their governor. The Ikki were able to storm into the governor's office, only to found that he'd been replaced by the mutant named Zavira. With this new threat countless villagers were slaughtered without a way to fight back against the mutants until Tae arrived with Kuebiko. Things took a turn for the better, but the Ikki still continued to suffer casualties until Gonbei, Tae, and Tappy were the only ones left. The Ikki was finally able to put an end to Zavira with help from Gaia-SOPHIA's crew.

Known Member[]

  • Kuebiko Crew
    • Gonbei
    • Tae
    • Tappy




"Montoj" is a word in Esperanto that means "mountains". This references how Planet Montoj is very mountainous, making the Recoil Jump a necessity to travel the place in a Metal Attacker.

Related Quotes[]

Fred: Riibiit! Ribriibiit!

Eve: *giggle* Fred's getting excited about all the water.

Jason: He can't even swim without a DIVE unit, yet he's still so happy...
— "Planet Montoj" Eve Chat


  • Montoj and its inhabitants are an extended reference to Sunsoft's 1985 arcade and Nintendo Famicom release Ikki.