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Planetoid A-2 is a location in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is the second planetoid in Area A.

General Information[]

Planetoid A-2 is unlocked after obtaining Planetoid Map A-2 on Planetoid F-1. Planetoid A-2 consists of two rooms. The first room features the Landing Point and a ladder that requires exiting the tank to climb and make it to the second room. The second room features darkness that obscures most of the room's terrain. Some of this terrain can be indirectly revealed by the Hard Shells positioned around the area, dropping their bubbles that roll along the floor and down walls they are in contact with. Grubs also crawl around the area to serve as a tool to reveal obscured terrain and pits. After making it below the second Hard Shell, the player will run into an obscured wall; however, there is room to crawl under it. Once able to stand up again, the player should wall toward the Accel Charger Sub-weapon. The player will fall down a bit, but will not take fall damage; if the player were to jump instead, the distance of the fall would be fatal. After obtaining the Accel Charger, the player can activate a switch that will bring down a ladder from the top of the room. By climbing up the ladder, the player can ride down a water current back to the beginning of the room; however, there is one jump that needs to be made during this segment, and missing it is fatal. Once done, the player can climb down a ladder and make it back to the first room safely.

As Copen, this planetoid is significantly easier, as he does not take fall damage and is capable of hovering and wall jumping. His reward is the EX Saver item.