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Planetoid B-2 is a location in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is the second planetoid in Area B.

General Information[]

Planetoid B-2 is unlocked after obtaining Planetoid Map B-2 on Planetoid E-1. Planetoid B-2 is the seventh top-down planetoid; it consists of five rooms. The first room features three paths for the player to take; left, down, and up.

In order to go left, the player must destroy the cracked wall. Going to the left leads to a room with a Manji, a gate closing it off that requires two keys to open, and a room above. In the room above is another Manji, a key, and an anti-gravity rock. By obtaining the key, the player can return to the starting area and go to the room below.

Going down from the starting room leads to a lockdown segment; the room is also full of gates that require one key in order to open, with a key behind those gates as well. Obtaining this key will allow the player to open the gate in the room to the left of the starting area, as well as open the gate leading to the Retry Point and the upper path.

Going left from the starting room, the player can open the gate and defeat the Manji, which drops the third key, allowing the player to return to the starting room and open the gate that requires three keys, allowing the player to obtain the Reactive Comet Sub-weapon.

Going up from the starting room, provided the player has obtained at least two keys, leads to a large room. This room features many walls, spikes, and gates that require more keys to open. In the bottom right of this room is the fourth key, which is required to open up a gate. The player can obtain the fifth key by bombing a cracked wall, allowing the player to open a five key gate that holds the sixth key behind it. With six keys, the player can open a six key gate to obtain a Life Up.


  • Puffer
  • Manji
  • Green GX680
  • Lantern