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Planetoid C-1 is a location in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is the first planetoid in Area C.

General Information[]

Planetoid C-1 is unlocked after obtaining Planetoid Map C-1 on Planet Montoj. Planetoid C-1 consists of four rooms. The first room only features the Landing Point. The second room features an upward ascent, with prominent wall jumping segments and the Auto-Cluster Sub-weapon. The third room consists of a decent before a lockdown segment, where the player has to defeat all of the mutants before being allowed to proceed. Some of these mutants can only be defeated with weapons capable of attacking through walls; this can be achieved by using the aforementioned Auto-Cluster, or most of the various Sub-weapons currently available. The fourth room features a small room where the player can obtain Planetoid Map C-3.


  • Grub
  • I-Shield