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Planetoid C-2 is a location in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is the second planetoid in Area C.

General Information[]

Planetoid C-2 is unlocked after obtaining Planetoid Map C-2 on Immigration Ship L-229. Planetoid C-2 consists of two rooms. The first room features a ladder, prompting the player to leave their tank and ascend in order to make it to the next room. In the second room, near the entrance is a ladder leading into a pool of water, as well as a switch; activating the switch will cause ladders to drop down from the ceiling. As Jason, the player needs to jump from ladder to ladder in order to progress to another switch, which also causes ladders to drop down. By carefully jumping from ladder to ladder while not falling and avoiding obstacles such as the flamethrowers on the floor, the player can reach another switch, bringing down a ladder to the last area of the second room. After ascending the ladder and performing a few more ladder jumps, Jason can jump into a pool of water, preventing death from fall damage. In this last area is a Life Up, as well as another switch that brings down a ladder, as well as extends some of the earlier ladders down to ground level. From there, Jason can backtrack along the ground instead of having to jump between ladders yet again.

When playing as Copen, this planetoid becomes much easier. Copen does not suffer from fall damage (the main threat in this area), and jumps twice as high as Jason, in addition to having a wall jump, hover, and Bullit Dashes.


  • Bomb Dropper
  • Capsule Launcher



  • Planetoid C-2 was modified in the v1.2 update to decrease its difficulty. This is the only area in the game to receive such a change via an update.