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Planetoid D-3 is a location in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is the third planetoid in Area D (excluding Planetoid ???).

General Information[]

Planetoid D-3 is unlocked after obtaining Planetoid Map D-3 on Planetoid F-1. Planetoid D-3 consists of six rooms. The first room features two paths, right and left. The left path, however, cannot be taken, as it requires ascending while underwater; not even the Repulsion Upper gives enough of a boost to make it out.

The right room features floating water and dimensional distortions. By using a Repulsion Upper and getting out of the tank, the player can be sent upward onto a ladder above the water. By climbing up, the player can reach another body of water and swim up it, then exit and grab onto a nearby ladder in order to obtain the Sp Up. After returning to the tank, the player can continue through the lower area of the room, carefully maneuvering through the water without touching the dimensional distortions. Once out of the water and onto a platform, a Repulsion Upper can be used to send the tank through the water above and allow it to reach the Gate to the next room.

In the third room, the player can use Drill Smasher to destroy the breakable blocks below. After reaching the bottom, the player can ascend upward. By continuing straight up and destroying the breakable blocks above, the player can enter a body of water and obtain the Revol-Buster main weapon. The player can then descend back down and then ascend up and to the right to reach the Gate to the next room.

In the fourth is a Retry Point and a room to the left. The terrain is mostly composed of dimensional distortions, so the player should navigate carefully.

In the fifth room is a lockdown segment, where the player has to defeat all of the mutants before being allowed to proceed to the room to the left.

In the sixth room is a Gate leading back to the first room. However, it is mostly enclosed in a dimensional distortion, with an opening at its top; the ceiling of the room is also a dimensional distortion, leaving little room for error when navigating in. The easiest way to make it in is to use a Repulsion Upper to the left of the Gate move right once high enough.

When playing as Copen, the left path will be blocked off by a red bamboo gate if the player tries to go that way. Once the player makes it back to the starting area, the player can Bullit Dash into a button on the wall to retract the bamboo gate.


  • Fake SP Capsule
  • Distortion Worm
  • Helmet Armadillo
  • Fake Health Capsule
  • Bomb Armadillo
  • Antibody Cell
  • Mutant Attacker