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Planetoid E-2 is a location in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is the second planetoid in Area E.

General Information[]

Planetoid E-2 is unlocked after obtaining Planetoid Map E-2 on Planet Stranga. Planetoid E-2 consists of three rooms. The first room only features the Landing Point. The second room features a descent with rocks breakable with the Drill Smasher Sub-weapon in the way, as well as Fake Retry Points. The third room features a large body of water that requires exiting the tank to enter; there are many Fake Health Capsules in the water, as well as Planetoid Map C-4 at the bottom. When backtracking out, the second room has a vertical shaft that can be wall jumped up.


  • Fake Retry Point
  • Fake Health Capsule


  • Planetoid Map C-4