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Planetoid F-2 is a location in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is the second planetoid in Area F.

General Information[]

Planetoid F-2 is unlocked after obtaining Planetoid Map F-2 on Planet Divido. Planetoid F-2 consists of one room. Most of the terrain is covered in spikes; the only way to get across is to shoot the crystals on the antigravity rocks to make a walkway. Most antigravity rocks will move in set paths, and be periodically replaced by identical rocks taking the same paths. Some of the antigravity rocks, however, move side to side in set locations, and do not have replacements; striking some of these at the wrong time can have negative consequences, although this is not common. Once the player has reached the third Retry Point, however, these antigravity rocks must be shot with caution, as hitting them in the wrong position can make it impossible to reach the SP Up at the end, forcing the player to reset (hence the relatively frequent placement of Retry Points). It is also important that the player doesn't hit antigravity rocks while they're above flat ground, as the impact can cause a damaging shockwave, which can also cause a chain reaction with other nearby antigravity rocks, causing them to fall as well.

When playing as Copen, the entire antigravity rock portion can be skipped by using his EX Weapons to destroy the cracked wall near the start, allowing him to easily obtain the SP Up.


  • Sp Up