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The antagonist in Blaster Master, the Plutonium Boss is the mastermind behind the invasion and the leader of the Lightning Beings, as established in Worlds of Power: Blaster Master and Blaster Master: Blasting Again.



The Plutonium Boss is merely Goez's pet, known as Skele Venom.

Blaster Master[]

Defeating the Plutonium Boss means releasing the Underworld Lord. It seems to be the front half of a larger creature that has broken through the wall.

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master[]

The Plutonium Boss is the ultimate villain in the novel, and Eve names it as the destroyer of her world, Signar-el, and many others. It's a creature that thrives on plutonium, its food source. It burrows deep under a planet, and quietly absorbs radiation for thousands of years. When it has had enough, it bursts through the surface, bathing the planet in nuclear fire. It then flies through space until it finds another source to repeat the cycle. In the book, the Plutonium Boss creates a device it calls a "cyclotron," a large machine that greatly accelerates the accumulation of plutonium, and thus the destruction of Earth. Eve states that it has no real form, but instead takes on the visage of the observer's worst fear. To Jason, the Boss is described from the graphic seen on the book cover, rather than just the front half of a larger creature that is implied in the game. The Boss seems to be highly intelligent and is fond of taunting its foes to its last breath.

Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

There is a stone carving of the Plutonium Boss in the Cavern Zone. Its power is resurrected and used in conjunction with the Lightning Beings by Kaiser.

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