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Primal Cells are enemies that have only appeared in Blaster Master Zero.

Physical Appearance[]

The big Primal Cell is a large mass of blue ooze with an open mouth that reveals very few jagged teeth; inside the ooze are two brain-like nuclei.

The smaller Primal Cells are lighter blue in color, lack teeth, and have only one nucleus.


Primal Cells are only exclusive to Area 8's dungeon sections, where they wait in patience for Jason to come to them. Once Jason is close enough, they will move towards him and fire out a blue ooze-like bullet that travels a short distance.

After taking enough damage, the Primal Cell will split into two smaller versions that have the same pattern, but with less health.

A group of Primal Cells, small and large, make up the enemy rush gauntlet, Cell Rejection; After their defeat, they will drop a Life Up.