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Deploys a bit that protects from an attack and launches to attack when activating a BLAST COUNTER.
— Reactive Comet (Sub-Screen) • Blaster Master Zero 2

Reactive Comet (abbreviated as R-Comet) is a sub-weapon for Jason in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is found on Planetoid B-2.


Activating Reactive Comet consumes 1 ammo (out of a maximum of 8) to spawn a shield bit which orbits around Jason for 8 seconds and passes through rubble and walls; up to 4 bits can be on-screen at a time. Each bit can absorb one shot or attack, preventing it from dealing any damage. Bits will also defend Jason against contact damage, dealing 2x G-Blaster damage and opening up certain enemies to Blast Counters.

Reactive Comet bits also perform special functions when Jason performs a Blast Counter, though their damage is reduced to 1x G-Blaster damage in the process:

  • R-Striker: Successfully countering an enemy launches all bits in sequence at the first countered enemy.
  • S-Attacker: Dashing, with or without a counter target, consumes one bit to protect Jason from damage for the duration of the dash. Enemies which touch Jason while this protection is active will take contact damage and may present a Blast Counter opening for a short time.
  • V-Reflector: Activating this Blast Counter launches all bits outward in a spiral pattern, regardless of whether any bullets are reflected.
Deploys a bit that protects from attacks and launches with an ice attack when activating a BLAST COUNTER.
— Absolute Comet (Sub-Screen) • Blaster Master Zero 2

The ice elemental version, Absolute Comet (abbreviated as A-Comet), is found on Planet Divido. Like other elemental sub-weapons, it only comes with half the ammo capacity of its neutral variant. It functions the same as Reactive Comet, but now has a chance to freeze enemies with every attack, though some enemies are immune. While active, Absolute Comet bits imbue all Seeker shots with the ice element and convert G-Blaster shots to ice-element bullets if they happen to pass through the bits; additionally, having this elemental sub-weapon equipped transforms EX-Charge's charged shot into a 5-shot ice spread.


  • The name "Absolute Comet" is likely a reference to absolute zero, the lowest temperature on all temperature scales.

Related Quotes[]

With "REACTIVE COMET", you can deploy up to 4 shield bits around you. Each bit can protect you from damage one time. They will also attack enemies when you perform a BLAST COUNTER.
— Eve
"ABSOLUTE COMET" is an ice-element sub-weapon. It will surround you with up to 4 shield bits, each of which can block damage one time. The bits will also attack enemies when you perform a BLAST COUNTER, which can freeze enemies in place. Not every enemy can be frozen, though... It's a good match with your Gun Level 4, "SEEKER".
— Eve