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Press the JUMP button while stuck to a wall to repel in the opposite direction.
— Weapon Select Screen Description

Recoil Jump, abbreviated as R-Jump, is a Maneuver for Gaia-SOPHIA that is gained in Blaster Master Zero 2.


After Jason defeats Gonbei in pilot-to-pilot combat and their Metal Attackers open communications with each other, he and Eve are invited to Gonbei's hideout atop one of the mountain peaks of Planet Montoj. The Recoil Jump is awarded as thanks for the Gaia-SOPHIA team's assistance in helping Gonbei and Tae ready Kuebiko for another strike at the mutant boss Zavira.


With the Recoil Jump Maneuver activated, moving into a vertical wall while in mid-air will cause Gaia-SOPHIA to latch onto it with its main cannon facing away from the wall. After the initial attachment, the MA will stay put for a second, then start slowly descending the wall, activating any wall buttons on the way and lowering their orange bamboo barriers, as the Left/Right direction input continues to be held down. As long as Gaia-SOPHIA does not take damage or enter water (both will force it off the wall), this can be used to make controlled descents from high places.

While Recoil Jump is actively engaged, SOPHIA can aim diagonally (but not straight upward) using the Direction Lock function. Gaia-SOPHIA can also jump away from the wall, and if it attaches to a wall on the other side, can continue to jump from wall to wall in order to ascend. Jumping from walls without a subsequent foothold is also a convenient fall distance multiplier for the Gaia System, and many subsequent boss arenas will feature walls that can be briefly ascended for a quick SP recharge.


  • Recoil Jump can be seen as a successor to Wall Climb from the previous game, even if it can only naturally traverse walls downward.
  • Recoil Jump may be an homage to various ninja-themed platforming games that allow the player to perfom similar wall jumping techniques to gain altitude. A well-known early example is the game Ninja Gaiden on NES. This possible connection is supported by the feudal Japan-themed setting of Planet Montoj, where the function is obtained.
    • Sunsoft's NES game based on the 1989 movie Batman also placed a heavy emphasis on wall jumping, often while navigating hazardous areas full of traps.