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Activate SOPHIA via remote to unleash a super powered lock-on shot at a target.
— Remote Blast • Blaster Master Zero

The Remote Blast (stylized R.BLAST) is a Sub-weapon for Jason in Blaster Master Zero. When activated, time stops and the player can place down lock-on reticles, where missiles will drop to those locations. It is Jason's ultimate weapon, and the only one he can't use in Boss Blaster Mode.


Blaster Master Zero[]

Lock onto a target and call upon SOPHIA to deliver a high-powered blast
— Remote Blast (Sub-Screen)

Remote Blast is obtained from Remote Blaster in Area 6. Jason can only carry one Remote Blast charge at a time, making this the only sub-weapon which is always fully replenished upon collecting any Ammo Capsule.

Activating Remote Blast stops game time and activates a targeting overlay with a reticle initially located in the center of the screen, a countdown from ten seconds, and a "LOCK" counter which starts at 15 and goes down as red lock-on markers are placed. While this overlay is active, controls are remapped from Jason to the overlay as follows:

  • Movement Inputs: Move Reticle
  • Shoot/Sub-Weapon Buttons: Place Lock-on Marker
  • Jump Button: Undo Last Lock-on / Cancel Attack
  • All Other Buttons: Not used

Once all 15 lock-on reticles are placed or if the countdown reaches zero while at least one lock-on reticle is active, SOPHIA III (or SOPHIA Zero in Area 9 or Unlimited Mode) will launch a large shell in an eye-catch, game time will resume, and missiles loosely resembling Cannon Shots will rain down from above in rapid succession after a short delay, with the order of missile appearance following the order of lock-on marker placement. Against fast-moving enemies, such as Antibody Cell, it is advised to place reticles slightly ahead of these enemies, rather than directly on top of them, in order to compensate for this slight delay and guarantee that all missiles will hit their intended targets.

On impact, Remote Blast's missiles produce explosions dealing ~12x Blaster damage each to non-bosses (~180x Blaster damage for a 15-missile barrage). Against bosses, Remote Blast damage is altered based on the boss (usually in the form of a damage reduction):

In addition to dealing massive damage, Remote Blast's explosions are able to destroy cracked walls from any side (not just the cracked side), allowing Jason to rapidly acquire the Maps for Area 7 and Area 8 by placing markers as close to the cracked side as possible. (This shortcut-opening trick can also be performed using Gunvolt's Luxcalibur and Shovel Knight's War Horn.)

Related Quotes[]

REMOTE BLAST: Use this to set a location, and receive cover-fire support directly from SOPHIA. It's an extremely powerful sub-weapon, but has very few charges, so take care when deciding when to use it.
— Eve