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Launch a repulsion jack that launches anything that touches it directly upward. Press the SUB-WEAPON button to fire.
— Repulsion Upper (Sub-Screen)

Repulsion Upper, abbreviated REPULSION in the Weapon Select Screen, is a sub-weapon for Gaia-SOPHIA in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is acquired from Dungeon-3 on Planet Stranga and may be seen as the spiritual successor to Blaster Master Zero's Shield Mine.


Activating Repulsion Upper consumes 12% SP to throw a repulsion jack in front of Gaia-SOPHIA, with the jack being thrown much further while moving left or right. Upon landing on a flat surface, the jack will arm and wait for an entity to pass over it. Up to two repulsion jacks can be on-screen at a time, and jacks will self-destruct if they are not triggered within 8 seconds of arming.

  • If G-SOPHIA, Jason, or a non-hostile entity (such as a fruit tree seed) passes over the repulsion jack, they will be launched 10 blocks upward (5 blocks in water), retaining their horizontal momentum.
  • If a mutant or hostile Metal Attacker passes over the repulsion jack, they will take 1x G-Crusher Shot damage as contact damage and be thrown 5 blocks upward (however, a number of enemies are immune to the repulsion effect due to flying or being too heavy to launch). While in air, the enemy has no horizontal momentum and cannot attack.
  • If the repulsion jack is caught within the area of effect of Impact Wave, it will be "defused", triggering immediately without throwing anything upward.

Regardless of what triggers the repulsion jack, the deployed jack continues to deal contact damage to mutants for ~0.5 seconds before self-destructing.

Repulsion Upper's repulsion effect allows Gaia-SOPHIA (and Jason) to launch fruit tree seeds upward and bypass regions of anti-gravity water on Planet Stranga which cannot be vertically traversed otherwise (due to Dive Gear not being capable of launching SOPHIA out of water without assistance from a shore). On Planet Divido, repulsion jacks which land on a snow field or quicksand trigger immediately, launching a layer of snow or sand, as well as any enemies in the field, upward. Only one sand or snow layer can be in flight at a time --- additional repulsion jack triggers will have no effect until this layer falls completely off-screen.

Repulsion Upper is one of four counters against normal Garuda and will set its dash attack's Enhance Flag during the Planetoid G-1 refight (setting Enhance Flags for all four attacks is required to trigger full-power Garuda and acquire the "G vs G" and "NORA MA-07" achievements in Blaster Master Zero 2's Steam version).

Related Quotes[]

"REPULSION UPPER" fires a spring of repulsive force. You can use it to jump, and though it won't let you reach as high as the HOVER, it can be more SP-efficient. It's also useful for recovering SP in flat areas. If an enemy steps on it, they'll be shot upward. Heavy or flying enemies probably won't be affected, though... When an enemy triggers it, they'll be defenseless. Fire diagonally to take advantage of the situation!
— Eve