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Fires fast and powerful shots. Can be fired 6 times before requiring an SP-consuming reload.
— Revol-Buster (Sub-Screen)

Revol-Buster (abbreviated as R-Buster) is an alternate firing mode for Gaia-SOPHIA's main cannon in Blaster Master Zero 2. It is found on Planetoid D-3.


When selected, Revol-Buster fires a high-speed shot that explodes in a small area on contact, dealing 7/5 G-Crusher Shot damage to all enemies caught in the blast. Its combination of extreme damage and velocity is primarily meant for particularly speedy targets or those with very small windows for dealing damage, such as the worms on Planet Divido.

Revol-Buster has no on-screen shot limit, but can only hold 6 shots at a time. While R-Buster is equipped, the number of remaining shots is indicated on the lower-right corner of the Main weapon icon. Depleting the entire stock of shots, regardless of whether this is done using the Shoot button or a Shortcut key, triggers a reload lasting ~1 second which instantly consumes 15% SP to generate another set of 6 shots. It is not possible to fire any Main weapon, even G-SOPHIA's shutdown-specific Normal Shot, while Revol-Buster is actively reloading its magazine (as indicated by shot count increasing over time); sub-weapons and maneuvers, however, can still be used as normal during a reload (shutdowns notwithstanding).

While Revol-Buster has at least 1 shot remaining, it can be instantly reloaded for free, completely bypassing the reload mechanic and its associated delay, by switching to another Main weapon, then switching back, as long as Revol-Buster is not mapped to any shortcut keys. (Both the Switch Weapons button's hold function and the Weapon Select Screen can be used for this free-reload trick.) Due to the delays inherent to the weapon-switch process, however, it takes longer in real time to perform the free-reload trick than it does to reload normally, so the technique is not suitable for increasing Revol-Buster's damage output over time.


Related Quotes[]

The "REVOL-BUSTER" is an alternate weapon for G-SOPHIA's main cannon. It fires very fast and powerful shots. It works well against fast enemies or ones with small windows of vulnerability, but... Every 6 shots, you'll need to reload at the cost of SP. Be careful not to cause a shutdown!
— Eve