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Roddy, son of Jason and Eve.

Roddy is the son of Jason and Eve, and the brother of Elfie. He pilots Sophia J-7.


Roddy has his own Gun and Napalm. He has the capacity to jump and dash, and can unleash a powerful energy attack, known as Hyper Sonic, that requires charging. Upon releasing this charge, he'll fly around a small area, dealing massive damage.


Blaster Master: Blasting Again[]

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

A different Roddy is referred to by name in Area Ω, however, he is not seen in the game. He was the MA Pilot of Andreia until he was killed in action trying to fight the Mutant Cocoon. His support android was Elfie, who managed to repair Andreia after the battle, but lost her life in the process. Eve deduced based on Andreia’s water-based capabilities that Roddy must have hailed from an aquatic planet.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.


Eve, beholding the gestating Roddy and Elfie.

Following Jason's pursuit of Eve into Super-Dimensional Space, the two of them come together to birth two human children: Roddy and Elfie, presumably named after the pair from Area Ω as remembrance for their assistance in saving Eve. The two children spent an especially long time gestating within Super-Dimensional Space, so that Eve may have time to ensure they are born as normal humans, free of mutation. When Kane Gardner finally pursues Jason following a new tear in the normal dimension, Jason explains that the tear was created for no reason other than to set Roddy and Elfie free into the world. Stuck in Super-Dimensional Space, Eve and Jason cannot follow their children to raise them; instead, they entrust their care to Leibniz, in hope that they may grow up happy and eventually face the eminent threat of the Lightning Beings. With sorrow, Kane agrees to comply with their wishes, and brings Roddy and Elfie to the normal dimension to begin their life as humans. Despite this, their "human" forms are not shown in-game.

Post-Blaster Master Zero 3[]


The Hostility Of

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Leibniz Roddy and Elfie

Five years after the events in Super-Dimensional Space, Roddy and Elfie remain in the care of Leibniz, having just celebrated their 5th birthday together. It is implied that for this time, Leibniz has kept his, along with Elfie's, origins a secret from them; however, they finally seem ready to divulge the truth. Overall, Roddy's appearance seems to match that of his in Blasting Again, albeit modified to fit in with the style of the Zero games.

BMZ3 OST Cover

In addition, the cover art for the Blaster Master Zero 3 original soundtrack depicts Elfie as an adult, along with Roddy and Leibniz. He dons armor that appears similar to both Jason's as well as Roddy's Blasting Again designs, and looks to be in possession of, and presumably the pilot of, his own MA (which notably bears little resemblance to the Sophia J-7).