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Sentries are idle mutants that appear in the games Blaster Master/MetaFight, Blaster Master: Enemy Below, Blaster Master Zero, and Blaster Master Zero 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Sentries come in two different forms. The first form resembles a large two-legged grey, yellow in Blaster Master Zero, shell that looks like it has split open, with a single eye that has an irregular eyelid that closes sideways along with a claw-like mouth in the center of the mutant. The second form has the same eye type, but the mouth is below it, along with having a grey (blue around the center, and green outside the center) body covered in spikes.


Blaster Master[]

Sentries appear in Blaster Master, first found in the first area of the game, where they have two different variants with attacks.

Orbit Sentry[]

As their name implies, Orbit Sentries launch revolving bullets around them upong being attacked. Due to the durability of these enemies, they may take a little bit to defeat.

Spread Sentry[]

The Spread Sentry acts differently from its other counterpart. Instead of firing obriting bullets, they will fire a spread of bullets towards the player.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Both Sentries, now sporting different colors, attack just like their classic counterparts.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

Sentries once again appear, starting on Planet Montoj. They act as their previous incarnations, but now have a new dangerous ability. If there is a purple GX680 in the same room as them, the walking mutant will run towards a nearby Sentry, which will proceed to eat the GX680. Depending on the Sentry's type, they will turn grey and split open, either launching a Spin Disk or releasing a huge swarm of bug-like mutants, before destroying their selves.