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A sub-weapon that emits a shield that prevents enemies and projectiles from passing through.
— Shield Mine • Blaster Master Zero
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Ekoro arranges Shield Mines in Area 6 to pair with the local landmines. The mine at right is about to auto-destruct, denoted by its flashing top and bottom.

The Shield Mine is a sub-weapon for SOPHIA III and Sophia Zero introduced in Blaster Master Zero. It is acquired in Area 5 after surviving the "Ambush Room" top-down enemy rush room (defeating Crabularva in Area 2 in Destroyer Mode).


Emits a shield that prevents enemies and projectiles from passing through
— Shield Mine Description • Blaster Master Zero

Pressing the Sub-weapon Button while Shield Mine is selected ejects a mine forward from SOPHIA III. Once it hits the ground, it expands into a two-block high electric barrier that deals damage to enemies that make contact with it based on main cannon power; both the in-flight mine and the deployed electric barrier nullify projectiles fired into them. Damage per Shield Mine (shield and explosion) is equivalent to the shooting power of the main cannon + 1 Normal Shot. If a Shield Mine hits an enemy before the shield is deployed, its damage will be the same as 1 Blaster Rifle Shot.

SOPHIA can move and fire through the barrier as normal. Up to two Shield Mines may be deployed at once, persisting for roughly five seconds apiece before self-destructing in a ~3-block wide explosion dealing 100% of barrier contact damage.

The distance at which SOPHIA tosses out a Shield Mine is proportional to its forward velocity at button input; firing while moving forward roughly doubles the distance. If a Shield Mine hits an enemy before reaching the ground, it is destroyed and does not deploy a shield.

Emits a shield that prevents enemies and projectiles from passing through. Deploys in front of SOPHIA Zero
— Shield Mine Description (SOPHIA Zero) • Blaster Master Zero

Instead of deploying independent mines which explode, SOPHIA Zero rapidly projects a bar-shaped shield from its front for ~6 seconds when using the sub-weapon, with the same projectile-blocking characteristics of the original Shield Mine. Only one shield can be deployed at a time; however, empowered Shield Mine refreshes its hit box (allowing it to ignore the usual enemy invincibility frames applied to Shield Mine contact damage on stationary enemies) whenever Zero turns around, allowing stationary enemies to be damaged several times in rapid succession for 2/3 empowered Crusher Shot damage per hit (20/3 normal Crusher Shot damage per hit).

Invem Sophia will deploy four Shield Mines at once in one of its attack patterns, abiding by the same rules as SOPHIA III's, with the exception that they take damage from area-of-effect attacks, such as Spark Tackle, in all modes other than Destroyer Mode, and can yield Capsules if destroyed before their auto-destruct time.


  • The quick-select icon and deactivated sprite for the Shield Mine were recolored for the Repulsion Upper in Blaster Master Zero 2, which abides by similar rules but fills a more offensive/navigational niche.

Related Quotes[]

SHIELD MINE: With this sub-weapon, you can plant a shield that protects you from incoming enemy attacks. It'll even protect you from physical attacks, but if the mutant is too big,'s not gonna do you much good.
— Eve