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The Shotgun is a sub-weapon for Jason found in Area 5 of Blaster Master: Enemy Below.


The Shotgun must be activated from the Pause Menu, and replaces the Grenades as Jason's A Button attack in top-down mode. It fires multiple bullets at the short range of the Level 0 Gun that fan out in a 90-degree cone.

While the drop in range compared to Grenades previously augmented by the Launcher upgrade may be undesirable at first, the Shotgun gives Jason diagonal attack capability that was previously lost due to not being capable of moving diagonally as in the original Blaster Master. The bullets' dissipation at short range also reduces the Shotgun's use time to a speed comparable to the NES iteration of the Grenades.


  • The short-range, wide-spread, high damage niche of the Shotgun would eventually be incorporated into the Diffusion Gun Level in Blaster Master Zero.