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This article is about the location in MetaFight, Blaster Master Zero 2, and Blaster Master Zero 3. For the tank most commonly associated with the franchise, see Sophia 3rd.

Planet Sophia is the planet where the Metal Attackers, their support droids, and their support lifeforms originate from. It serves as the main battleground of MetaFight, but was not seen again in the Blaster Master canon until it served as the ultimate destination of Jason and Eve's journey in Blaster Master Zero 2 and core battleground of Blaster Master Zero 3.


Planet Sophia is a planet covered in verdant green landmasses and dark blue oceans not too dissimilar to Earth. A red planetoid can be seen in proximity to it; as observed in BMZ3 its vicinity is designated the NORA Satellite Zone and comprises both the NORA Science Academy and auxiliary Sophia Force structures built upon and near Sophia's natural moon.


The planet, named Sophia 3rd (not to be confused with the tank that would inherit its name in the localization and beyond) is besieged by the mutant forces of Invem Dark Star Cluster, prompting the deployment of the MA-01 Metal Attacker to liberate the surface and underground.

Blaster Master Zero[]

Though Planet Sophia is never mentioned by name, Eve will reveal the extraterrestrial origins regarding herself and Fred after Jason defeats Ancient Freeze in Area 6. Sophia Zero is also sent by Eve's parents on the path to the True Ending, which Jason pilots in Area 9.

Blaster Master Zero 2[]

As Eve's mutant infection steadily worsens, and Jason is unable to find any cure on Earth, he gets the idea of traveling to planet Sophia to find a means of saving Eve, constructing Gaia-SOPHIA in the process.


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 2.

Upon accessing Planet ??? (which is actually a planet-sized mutant known as Planade-G), it is soon discovered that the mutant has swallowed the dimensional tunnel that would lead to planet Sophia. Moreover, if Planade-G were to die, its energy stores would go out of control, causing a multi-dimensional explosion that would collapse the universe and Sophia with it. Jason successfully averts this by neutralizing Planade-G's energy with the Gaia System, but instead the dimensional tunnel becomes unstable. The resulting explosion flings G-Sophia's crew all across Area Ω, separating them from each other.

Upon successfully defeating Drolrevo Mastro, the G-Sophia's crew returns to normal space, gazing upon Planet Sophia. They reminisce on how far they've come, and the people they met along the way. It's also revealed that by causes unknown (presumably some phenomenon relating to Area Ω and/or Eve's Acceleration Blast charged with "purification energy"), Eve's mutant infection has been completely removed, with only a few blue streaks in her hair to tell there was ever a risk of her becoming a mutant.

Blaster Master Zero 3[]

Jason and Eve finally made it to the planet Sophia. However, they were attacked by Sophia's army were captured and imprisoned separately. Before Jason can get answers, the base he was held in fell under attack, this allows Jason to escape and recover the G-Sophia with all its upgrades removed. Jason gets help making his escape from Kane, who informs Jason that Eve has disappeared and the Invem are attacking Sophia. Jason now has to avoid both the Mutants and Sophia Force as he searches for a missing Eve on Planet Sophia and teams up with an unlikely ally, Leibniz.


Planet Sophia is the home of the first MA Pilot Kane Gardner, pilot of SOPHIA THE 3RD NORA MA-01 "Metal Attacker" and it's creator Jennifer Cornet who later married Kane Gardner. When Planet Sophia was invaded by the mutants/Invem Dark Star Army, Kane saved his planet by defeating the leader of the Invem, Goez.

After the battle with the mutants/Invem Dark Star Army ended, the people of Sophia decided to develop additional vehicles that could be used to protect other planets in the galaxy. This started the "MA Project".

In Blaster Master Zero 3, 10 years has passed since the war with the mutants/Invem Dark Star Army ended shows that the people of Sophia are still haunted by the war. This fear has caused the people to become hostile to mutants and anyone who is suspected to be one or working with one, even if they are a Metal Attacker pilot.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Gardner family
    • Kane Gardner
    • Jennifer Cornet (Married into family)
    • Eva
  • Cornet family
    • Jennifer Cornet (Married into Kane's family)


Sophia Force[]

The Sophia Force, frequently abbreviated as SF, is Planet Sophia's main military against any threat to the Planet. Their logo has a European style dragon on a crest with the name Sophia Force located on the top. During Blaster Master Zero 3 the Sophia Force act as the secondary antagonist thinking Jason and Eve to be a threat to Sophia. Kane Gardner introduces himself to Jason as the Commander of Planet Sophia; it is unknown whether this merely refers to operational command of the SF or also implies political rank.

Major perceived threats to Planet Sophia are designated with Enemy Codes by the Sophia Force, using a mix of central databases and on-encounter threat assessment heuristics. These are displayed to operators of SF equipment (Metal Attackers or pilot suits) as telops announcing "THE HOSTILITY OF/(Enemy Code)/(Actual Enemy Name)". They are somewhat analogous to real-world IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) electronic designation systems used by Earth militaries. Kane's send-off to Jason noting the latter has been designated as "Blaster Master" marks the series's first in-universe use of the localized brand.

Force Composition[]

  • Manned Craft
  • Unmanned Craft (Common Enemies)
    [Names below are unofficial; official ones have not yet been supplied by Inti Creates.]
    • Hover Attacker: A mass-produced Metal Attacker frame with an always-on, low-altitude Hover Module. Its cannon fires forward or diagonally.
    • Trip Driver: A mass-produced drone modeled after Eir. Its signature attack is a diving crash similar to the Drill Smasher weapon installed on that MA.
    • Blitz Charger: A mass-produced drone modeled after Atom. It charges forth at detected enemies, racing across ground terrain and up walls at high speeds.
    • Hound Lancer: A mass-produced drone modeled after Garuda. Teleporting into sentry position, it matches the vertical position with its target before rocketing straight at it.
    • Shield Slinger: A stationary drone that lobs Shield Mines at detected enemies, either to directly damage them or to hamper their counterattacks on other deployed drones.
    • Gaia Sapper: Stationary drones with no offensive capacity, but the ability to siphon generated Gaia System energy as it's created from terrain and enemy contact.
  • Unmanned Craft (Bosses)

Known Members[]

  • Kane Gardner (Commander)

NORA Science Academy[]

The NORA Science Academy, is where the Jennifer Cornet designed the first Metal Attacker, a mobile battle tank. After the tank managed to successfully fend off the mutant threat from the planet, the people of Sophia started the "MA Project" to protect other planets in the galaxy from the mutant threat. Four development teams were created for this Project; although most aside from Team Alpha wildly diverged from the proven MA design in their work, the Metal Attackers they built were still deemed acceptable for combat against the mutant threat. After the "MA Project" was concluded the teams all disbanded. Team Delta becomes active again in BMZ3.

Known Members[]

  • Jennifer Cornet (Later Jennifer Gardner)

MA Development Teams[]

  • Team Alpha (Disbanded)
    • Kane Gardner
    • Jennifer Cornet
  • Team Bravo (Disbanded)
  • Team Charlie (Disbanded)
  • Team Delta (Active)

Interstellar Union[]


The Hostility Of

This article contains spoilers for the endgame of Blaster Master Zero 3.

After the battle with the Invem/mutants ended with Kane and the Sophia Force recognizing a non-aggression pact with Eve acting as the new Invem Queen, Planet Sophia decided to form an Interstellar Union with other Planets. The planets known or implied to have joined the union by the conclusion of either ending of Blaster Master Zero 3 are all those that had previously hosted Metal Attacker crews.

The true end revealed that a future threat the Union face are the Lightning Beings.

Known Planets[]

  • Sophia (Founder)
  • Earth

Implied Planets[]

  • Montoj
  • Stranga
  • Divido


  • A throwaway line at the start of Blaster Master Zero 3 notes that the citizens of Sophia call the mutants the Invem Dark Star Army. However, "mutants" is used as the common spoken nomenclature apart from the use of "Invem Queen" as Eve's Sophia Force "Enemy Code" designation.